Friday, September 25, 2015

Keeping Busy

The Summer season this year was pretty busy -- in a good way! -- but now that the live stuff has calmed down I've actually started real work on the next album. I've got two planned-out right now (and hope to get them both done before 2016) but the next one to finish-up will be bookending a lot of the music I've written-for and played-with the Baba Yagas the past couple years.

That means it'll be minor-blues, gypsy-jazzy, honky-tonky and vaguely swing-influenced. Can't wait to get through it! I've been wanting to share this stuff for a while now outside of concerts.

In other news: my sole October date at the moment is Friday the 16th at our usual haunt: Heather's The Wild Fern in Stockbridge, VT.