Clippings: 1927 Vita Uke & 1928 Vita Guitar

Uke-crazy fellows will no doubt recognize the "Vita-Uke" -- a Roy Smeck-endorsed dandy of a cute little instrument, with "seal" f-holes, mahogany back/sides, and spruce top. These are wildly collectible and super little instruments. (Ad from 1927).

...however, I think only a few guitarists know about the Vita-Guitar, which is tres cool. I've only seen one, personally, and while I didn't play it, it sure sounded purty. Materials are just the same as the uke. (Ad from 1928).


karl said…
I've got a vita uke, and love it. For one, it's bigger than a soprano (and just a tad smaller than a concert, which was 'invented' around the same time). Also, it's quite loud, thanks to the introduction of a soft (spruce) top on a instrument usually made entirely out of hardwoods.

The vita line used some very nice mahogany, for ukes as well as guitars.

One thing I did wonder about is the involvement of Roy Smeck: his name is all over them, but I never read about him using the Vita line (named, BTW, after his very popular Vitaphone 'music videos' - pre-MTV).
Karl: Manufacturers would simply pay folks off to endorse instruments back then. Same as now.
karl said…
I know, but some claim he even invented them. Somewhere, I've got an article about his long-time main lap slide guitar, a 7-string asymmetrical one with a heart-shaped soundhole...