c.1900 German-made Guarnerius 4/4 Violin

This is a friend's violin in the shop for a setup and seam separation repair. It's supposedly a Guarnerius copy and is certainly German made. The nut and fingerboard are replaced (it's rosewood -- which I like on most instruments, honestly) but otherwise it's more or less original. This has a good simple warm sound (which is boosted by the Dominants it's strung with) and now it's a pretty decent player, too.

Both the top and back have several long cracks that were repaired long ago. I left them as-is.

The pegs got a bit of peg dope and they now turn and hold quite well. Note the weirdo bone nut topper added sometime years and years ago.

Since my friend is passing this fiddle along to a new player I popped on 4 fine tuners that were stashed in the case. This makes learning how to use those finicky fiddle pegs a little easier...

Interestingly the bridge was fit perfectly fine. This is a testament to Mr. Douglas C. Cox's skills, I'm sure!