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September 14th, 2018 - 3:00 PM at the Farmer's Market in Rochester, VT
September 28th, 2018 - 7:00 PM at The Wild Fern in Stockbridge, VT

I've been playing with Mr. Forrest Newton as a duo (we're calling ourselves Jake Wildwood & The Forrest now) for live shows the past year or so, and our sound is an electrified folk/roots vibe. I play guitar and he plays an electric 5-string banjo. Here's a recording of our show from 7/13/18 to give you an idea of the sound:

And what about recorded albums?

I've been writing songs and recording since I first got into music in high school (I'm at 300+ songs, now) and have been keeping to a fairly-steady schedule of local live shows for the last decade or so.

I don't do enough to promote my music at all, but I do have it available to listen to. You can sort through the back-catalog of my albums at my SoundCloud page, for instance, though below you'll find a few I've hand-picked to get you started with "my sound."

2012 - Has Been Framed - rootsy, folksy, acoustic

2016 - We Met in Debt - instrumental, surfy, electric cheese

2016 - Chiles Rellenos - relaxed, mellow, spare, acoustic

2009 - Destroyers of Venus - sci-fi, weirdo, folk-rock concept album

2013 - Magic Beans - stripped-down, simple, folksy

2017 - Sketchbook C - instrumental, small/odd instruments, acoustic

2015 - Sketchbook B - instrumental, acoustic guitars

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