Upcoming Gear

Here you'll find snapshots of all of the instruments coming-up for sale. You can reserve them for "right of first refusal" if you'd like, by contacting me. I will then tag your name under the photo. I have so much here to get around to for repair-and-sale jobs that I'm thinking of rolling into a "fix as you want it" system. Anyhow, let's give it a try!

Last updated 9/19/18

Coming But No Pics Yet

  • 1950s Gibson Southern Jumbo dreadnought guitar
  • 1950s Gibson Country Western dreadnought guitar
  • 1890s Washburn fancy-pants, beat-up x-braced parlor guitar
  • a bunch more, too...

Gibson Guitars

1950s Gibson LG-2 *ROFR D. Roberts, *ROFR 2 B. McBride, *ROFR 3 Carl S.

1950s Gibson LG-1 *ROFR B. McBride *ROFR S. McVaugh

1930s Kalamazoo KG-11 (A)

1930s Kalamazoo KG-11 (B)

1930s Kalamazoo KG-11 (C) *ROFR Brian M.

1930s Kalamazoo KG-11 (E)

1930s Kalamazoo KG-11 (H)

1930s Kalamazoo KHG-14 flattop Hawaiian guitar

Martin Guitars

1930s/1980s? Martin R-18 flattop conversion *ROFR Daniel H.

Oscar Schmidt Guitars

1920s 0-size koa *ROFR for Zach P.

1920s Sovereign 0-size *ROFR Kevin B.

Guild Guitars

1970s Guild F-212 12-string *ROFR Eddy C.

Regal Guitars

1930s/40s Recording King "Junior Jumbo"

1940s Silvertone "jumbo" 000 deep-body *ROFR Paul K.

1930s Slingerland May-Bell 000 deep-body mahogany-top *ROFR J. Doane

1930s LeDomino 00 (A)

1930s LeDomino 00 (B) *ROFR Nort

1930s Oahu 000 deep-body Hawaiian conversion

Kay Guitars

1920s spruce/birch parlor (beat)

1920s all-mahogany parlor w/decals *ROFR D. Rogers

1930s 14-fret Kay Kraft archtop set neck

1930s pearloid parlor

Harmony Guitars

1930s Gene Autry Supertone 00 14-fret *ROFR Sharon McV.

1930s Supertone Hawaiian-scene birch parlor

1920s birch parlor

1960s Regal-branded Sovereign-style jumbo

1960s H1260 Sovereign jumbo (B)

1970s H1260-style jumbo *ROFR Brandon M.

Gut/Nylon-Strung Parlor Guitars

1860s American-made spruce/rosewood size 1 parlor *ROFR for Steve S

Other Acoustic Guitars

1970s Japanese "Global" J-200 copy-ish

1910s Larson-style 00 spruce/rosewood (beat) *ROFR Andy S.

1930s Richter birch Hawaiian parlor

Banjos, Ukuleles, Mandolins

1960s Catania (Sicily) bowlback fancy mandolin

1910s Moana peanut koa soprano uke

1910s unmarked mahogany Hawaiian(?) uke

1920s California-style banjo uke (beat)

1910s/1920s Lange-made Stewart banjo mandolin


Phil Fabiano said...

nice work Jake, beautiful , you know you've got my vote

David Richard said...

Yeah! I like seeing all the 'diamonds in the rough'.

Michael Mulkern said...

Thanks for giving these boxes a new lease on life. I want 'em all, but my wife says no. ;-)

Ed Gilkison said...

Wow! Thank you -Jake! I can see a whole lot of my funds will be headed your way!

Robert Gardner said...

What an astonishing herd of guitars. I don't know how you do it. Do you put out bait for those things? I have to come and visit some of those guys...

phogue said...

I see you've got some birch guitars coming up (and some gorgeous ones). I know it was a popular wood for smaller body guitars at one time. Does it sound pretty good on a guitar? Can you really tell a difference between it and maple or other woods?

Nigel Mccluskey said...

Wow,what a fantastic collection of guitars.

craig said...

Well, y'know, I kinda wanted a KG-11, but you don't seem to have any...oh, well.