FAQs & Fine Print

Q: Who are you?

Q: But, but, but...

A: The proof's in the pudding. I should hope there's a reason folks have been driving up and out of their way to visit me aside from the useful psychiatric benefits of shop-talk about curious old instruments. I like both reasons, by the way!

Q: Are the instruments you sell playable?

A: Totally! Believe me -- I know how underwhelming it can be to visit a shop to try neat old guitars out and have them play... horribly! Mine don't. All instruments for sale have been repaired and setup for fast action unless otherwise noted in their listing information. I also do further setup adjustments before things ship or go home before a sale. This means that they play to the best of their ability and conform within expected tolerances (or better) of a properly-setup instrument. Action is low and easy, necks are straight, and necessary repairs have been done. Standard action height for guitars at the 12th fret (fret top to string bottom) is 3/32" E&A  and 1/16" DGB&E, 5-string banjos have 1/16" or slightly higher standard (depending on string type), and tenor guitars/banjos, ukes and mandolin-family instruments have 1/16" standard. Classical guitars are setup for 3/32" standard. Adjustments can be made to taste.

Q: How should I pay for an instrument?

A: The inventory page has an online shop interface. This allows all varieties of credit cards, direct bank "e-checks," debit cards, PayPal, and whatnot to be used online. If we've agreed on a different price or additional, unlisted purchases need to be made at the same time, I can send an online invoice using the same system. Easy-peasy. I also take checks and money orders which can be written to Jake Wildwood and posted to the address on the contact page.

Q: How do I pay for repair work?

A: The same options as in the above question (via PayPal invoice/cart to email, physical pick-up in shop via card/cash/check/whatever, check mailed, or money order mailed -- whatever you like!).

Q: How much is shipping?

A: I include shipping in my listed prices but they're for the United States only. Figure that a guitar listed at "$300 shipped" really means approximately "$225+$75 shipping" rather than "free" shipping. International sales may need an adjusted quote. On more expensive instruments I can often work overseas shipping into the price or close to it, though.

Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: This depends, but usually 1-3 days. I'm only one person and I often make minor setup adjustments to instruments before shipping if needed. After the instrument is delivered to the carrier, it's entirely in their hands. I generally ship USPS Priority or UPS Ground depending on postal zones.

Q: Can I try instruments out in-store?

A: Of course! They're at our family's brick and mortar shop located one mile south of Rochester, VT on Route 100 in the "big red building" called The Wildwood Flower (yes, the Carter Family song).

Q: What are your hours?

A: You can find them on the contact info page.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: Returns are accepted. If you need to return your instrument for any reason ("I just don't like it, it doesn't work for me, etc."), I accept returns that are posted back to me within 3-days' trial time. When the item is safely back, I will refund the purchase price minus my shipping expenses. Buyer pays the return shipping fee but I don't expect rocket-fast service and I can provide a PDF/printable label if you need one. As long as it's packed well, feel free to ship it slow-boat if you're handling the label.

Q: What if the item arrives in a condition not disclosed in the listing?

A: I'm sorry! If this happens whether it be due to shipping damage, setup change during shipping, or oversight on my part in the listing, the buyer will be refunded in full upon return.

Q: Can we trade? Will you accept a lower offer?

A: Offers are considered and trades may be a possibility! I mostly can't do trading on consigned instruments but I can probably do trading on instruments that are listed as owned by me. Keep in mind that I really can't give you full retail value of your instrument, but I try to offer very fair pricing on trades.

Q: Can you help me date or identify an instrument?

A: I can sure-as-heck try to help you out. Send an email or give me a buzz or text on the phone. Give me a buzz, especially, if I haven't responded to your email. I get a lot of this variety of question and can get buried in them from time to time.

Q: Are you accepting consignments?

A: As of 3/7/19 (heck, now 2/10/24), the short answer is yes, but it may take a long while to get to them unless they only need minor work. I currently have an insane backlog that I need to get through (and, as of 2/10/24, have an even crazier one). If you're wanting me to re-sell an instrument you purchased from me, however -- by all means -- please send it back for resale, no questions asked.

Q: What is your consignment rate?

A: Take note that my policy has changed in 2024. I used to do "10% off the top or repair fees, whichever is higher, but not both." I did that for many years but I can't afford to do it anymore. I now charge any necessary repair fees and then also a 10% consignment fee. I will include minor repairs up to about $40 in the consignment costs, though. The minimum consignment fee is $100 on anything I ship out of the shop to a buyer (save smalls like pedals and whatnot, on which I usually charge a ~$20-30 "hassle" fee). After that it's 10% plus whatever repair fees were necessary to get it playing its best and in a salable shape.

Q: What kind of instruments will you consign?

A: As of 2/10/24, I'm still mostly interested in vintage, odd, wonderful, and quirky instruments of the fretted or bowed persuasion. I mostly take consignment "off the street" these days but may be interested in a mail-in job if the instrument in question is something that catches my eye. I, of course, deal in plenty of fancy "normal" guitars, too. How could I not? They're fun! The shop has moved to a larger mix in recent years and while most of the gear here is vintage, there's a fair portion of small-shop boutique and used-but-newer instruments, too.