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1972 Gretsch Country Club Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1920 Gibson A-2 Carved-Top Mandolin

1920s Leedy SoloTone Style C Resonator Tenor Banjo

2010s Kit-Style Esquire 12-String Electric Guitar

1970s Kamaka White Label Koa Soprano Ukulele

1950s Kamaka Gold Label Koa Soprano Ukulele

2000s Ibanez Talman TCY-10 Inter-City Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Chief's Log, Storedate

Noise Toys: 1978 A/DA Flanger

Noise Toys: PastFX Chorus Ensemble

Noise Toys: Reuse Repeater Fuzz Mk II

1961 Maestro (Gibson) GA-45RV 45w 4x8" Tube Combo Amp

Back in the Shack: 1958 Gibson LG-1 Flattop Guitar

2022 Fender American Vintage II '72 Telecaster Thinline Electric Guitar

2017 Fender Mexico Classic '60s Jazzmaster Electric Guitar

1990s Valley Arts Custom Pro SuperStrat-style Electric Guitar

1999 Fender Mexico Stratocaster w/Robert Cray Pickups Electric Guitar

2000s Lark in the Morning Django-200 Gypsy-Jazz Guitar

2017 Epiphone EL-00 Mahogany 000-Size Guitar

1961 Martin 0-16NY Flattop Guitar

1975 Ovation 1615 12-String Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1996 Yamaha Attitude Plus M Electric Bass Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1930 Martin 1-17P Plectrum Guitar

Back in the Shack: 2017 Waterloo Jumbo King Jumbo Guitar

1960 Hofner 470 SE2 Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1960s Alamo Fiesta Semihollow Electric Guitar

2020s Faux-Fender Esquire Partscaster Electric Guitar

1960s Hoyer 12-String/10-String Bajo Quinto-ish Electrified Guitar-Thing

1974 Gibson Dove Dreadnought Guitar

1980s Yamaha FG-335 II Jumbo Guitar

1980s Hyundai Short-Scale Electric Bass Guitar

2010s Soares'y Faux-Gibson 8-String Electric Hollowbody Tenor Guitar

Workshop: Leftyfication of a '34 Gibson L-4

1960s Teisco/Kawai Violin-Style Hollowbody Electric Bass Guitar

1960s Teisco/Kawai Kingston Hollowbody Electric Guitar

Jumble Sale: Another Pedal Party

Chief's Log, Storedate

Local Flavor: Walks at Texas Falls

Local Flavor: December's Bones