Local Flavor: Moss Glen Falls

Directly off of Route 100, Moss Glen Falls is just north of Granville. It's a popular location, but most folks out-of-state never get to see it like this when it's been totally frozen-over. It's my favorite time of year to see it, because it feels like you've come across Grendel's hide-out in the depths of winter.


Sick Days

If any of you have been trying to get in touch, please forgive me. I've been answering calls as much as I can but since Wednesday I've been laid-up with that nasty flu so have been down for the count. It seems to be clearing-up, though, which I'm thankful for. At least my mind is a bit more coherent today! I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but I know a lot of people have come down with it this season, so I'm sorry for you folks, too.

For someone like me, who really enjoys getting projects finished, this has driven me nuts. I had a ton of projects prepped for final repairs by Wednesday morning and it's always disappointing to see stuff just sitting there, oh-so-close. If I'm feeling less-woozy tomorrow I'll see about sharing some of these projects, but I just wanted everyone to know that I didn't fall off the face of the planet, much as I'd like to explore our solar system. I hear the seas on Europa and Ganymede are cozy this time of year.


Local Flavor: Thaw

Sunday's drive for groceries brought the temperature up to a steady 5F and today, at 22F, I feel like celebrating. The pellet stove is throttled-down a bit and we feel like humans instead of popsicles. Our Saturday jam in the shop had us all huddling around the stove and a space heater to warm our hands for playing.


Workshop: Getting There

Yesterday was my first real day back on the job after our break, as Wednesday was taken-up by a trip to the airport with my Dad. It feels good (in some ways) to be back in the swing of things and here you can see a couple patients resting-up after their neck resets. Yes -- I go overboard on the clamping just to make sure. I also finished-up a Harmony bari-uke-to-tenor-guitar conversion that I'll share a bit later.

With all of our stormy weather, the net and phone have still been a bit sketchy, but the line seems to be a lot cleaner today, which is helpful. Last night I had to give up on trying to do my emails as I was kicked-off every few minutes.


Phone On, Net On, Regular Hours

Regular hours are back again and the phone is working again, but a little noisy. Call away and thanks for your patience, everyone!

Phone Out, Net On, Half-Day

Our phone/DSL is out-of-sorts today. The net is working but the phone is not. Please redirect Qs to my email address for the time being. Also, due to the incoming weather, I have to bring my Dad to the airport early, so the shop will be closed until around 3 PM today.

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience! I've been trying to figure-out what's wrong with the phone line since waking-up this morning.


Local Flavor: Basement Blues

The cold snap means a lot of trips to the basement for everyone up here -- whether it's thawing pipes, servicing furnaces, or making sure things don't freeze. The hardware store is out of heat tape and space heaters -- go figure! -- though my Dad had some good ideas about keeping our well pump from freezing-up and so far, so good.

This patch of wall near the stairwell made me thankful to get topside after the morning thaw ritual of the last few days, though. Last night's -26F was pushing it down there.

I promise neat-o instrument features very soon. I did get to setup a 1914 Gibson F-2 today, though. That was a fun break!