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Local Flavor: Bingo Brook Camping, More Crazy Days

1932 Gibson L-1 (Fancy L-00) Flattop Guitar

1930s Stella Lap Steel Guitar

1985/2020 Time "Salvaged Tiger" Electric Guitar

1985/2018 Time "Salvaged" Electric Guitar

Local Flavor: Up on Blueberry Hill Again

Back in the Shack: 1953 Martin 00-18 Flattop Guitar

2009 Gibson SJ-200 Standard Jumbo Guitar

1940s Kay Fiddle-Edge Archtop Guitar

1920s/2020 The Dandy Line Electric Ukulele Conversion

1920s Gretsch-made 4-String Banjo-Mandolin Conversion

1960s Framus 6/47G Graciella 4-String Electric Mandolin Conversion

2010s Samick Greg Bennett MA-2E 4-String Electric Mandolin Conversion

1960s Harmony Montclair Electrified Rubber Bridge Archtop Guitar

1938 Supro (National/Valco-made) Lap Steel Guitar

1950s Magnatone-made Orpheus Lap Steel Guitar

1926 Martin T-18 Tiple

New Music: Mini-Album "Dangerous Nostalgia" Video

1940 Gibson-made Kalamazoo KGN-32 Oriole Archtop Guitar

1950s Ermalinda Silvestri (Italian-made) Parlor Folk Guitar