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Local Flavor: Steamy Mornings

1951 Gibson J-50 Slope Dreadnought Guitar

1967 Gibson-made Epiphone Texan Slope Dreadnought Guitar

1918 Gibson A Carved-Top Mandolin

1970s Harmony-made Silvertone S1227 Electrified 12-String Guitar

1960s Egmond Typhoon 3V Semihollow Electric Guitar

2000s Cesar Guacan Flamenco-Style Classical Guitar

1950s German-made 3/4 Violin

1990s Jasmine by Takamine S80S Dreadnought Guitar

1880s/1920s/2020 4-String Fretless Pony Banjo

Ephemera: Oldies Oldies

Ephemera: Yet more plinking...

Local Flavor: Snow Gone, Back Again

Back in the Shack: 1930s Regal Le Domino Parlor Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1920s Parker Melody Banjo

1960s Kay K1000T Resonator Tenor Banjo

1920s Southern California Music Company Mahogany Ukulele

2010s AXL Badwater 1216 Copper LP-Style Electric Guitar

2000s Fender Partscaster Lap Steel w/Duesenberg Multibender

2004 Squier Mini Stratocaster Electric Guitar (Nashville Tuning)