Workshop: Overflow

When I talk about not being able to get to your instrument quickly, this is what I mean. I'm not joking. Because I do a lot of work for local, gigging musicians as well as out-of-state and consignment work, I'm constantly backlogged. This stuff just takes time to repair when almost all of it needs neck resets and fretwork.

I'm going to have to take a stand, though, and reiterate that I really, really can't take on new consignors or out-of-state repair work until sometime next year. I simply don't have the space. There's another 15 instruments out on the floor and not even in my storage space here, too.


1930s Kay Kraft Style A 2-Point Archtop Guitar

1970s Yamaha FG-331 000-Size Flattop Guitar

1973 Gurian J-R Mini-Jumbo Flattop Guitar

2010s Carvalho Cavaquinho

Workshop: Bad Saddle Slot

Ohhhh man! Just when you think all you have to do is adjust the saddle and do a setup on a guitar that's already had oodles of work, you find out that the bridge was installed in the wrong place, too! And to boot? It's a 12-string!

The pencil line is where the front edge of the saddle needs to be. I've already filled the old saddle slot with ebony. Now to dice-n-slice this into submission...!