Thanksgiving Closed Days

Our shop will be CLOSED for three days this week -- WED 11/22, THUR 11/23, and FRI 11/24. I'll be back for regular hours again (Tue-Sat) on Saturday 11/25. See you then!

I will check my emails but I'm still having trouble with my answering machine. I know, Jake -- get a new phone. It is a new phone! That's the problem. I have to dig out the manual -- so I'm very sorry if you haven't been getting through via the phone.


1890s George Bauer "Presentation" Parlor Guitar

1890s Joseph Bohmann Parlor Guitar

1880s Haynes-made Benary Tilton-patent Parlor Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1890s Regal-made Lakeside Parlor Guitar

I've owned this stunning-sounding Regal-made L&H Lakeside parlor (oak b/s) since 2009 and have used it a ton, but I've just done a neck reset and installed a new bridge, so it's going to be up for sale. When I keep something longer than a few months there's got to be a reason. I have so much access to a world of amazing instruments that I'm often playing round-robin with all that I own. Check its details out here at the updated blog post.

Back in the Shack: 1920s Regal "Canoe-Scene" Tiple

After years of much love and use, my K&K pickup-equipped, 8-string-modded, Regal tiple is going to be up for sale. You can read all about it at the original, updated blog post.


Review: GM Dobro, Squareneck, or Hawaiian Guitar Capo

A customer of mine was interested in slapping a capo on his raised-string Hawaiian guitars and lap steels and I started hunting for a design that could work for anything. I have to say that it's actually really hard to find ones that are universal and easily-fit. This GM capo works beautifully, however, due to its reversible mounting (brass capo-nut fits either above or below the strings).