Back on Deck: 2001 Amistar Tricone Resonator Guitar

This beaut is back in-house for sale via a trade. I've given it a fresh neck reset, fret level/dress, new saddle, and full setup -- among other things! It's loud, proud, and sounds tops as it has newer National-made cones installed. Check it out in the updated blog post over here.


1970 Guild F-212 Jumbo Flattop 12-String Guitar

Review: EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser Effects Pedal

I don't usually bother writing-up guitar pedals. I have a number of them -- some old, funky ones that mostly sit in the drawer -- and a pretty good armory of newer ones. This thing is alarmingly-good, though. You can overdose on technicalities at their website, but the box can behave almost more like a good drone or washy second instrument if you dial it in to suit what you're doing. The key is to not let it overwhelm the dry signal -- unless you want it to!

My kids kept telling me not to stop playing when I was spacing-out into it the other day. How about them apples?