Music: Quick New Instrumental Album

This little collection started-out as a belated birthday present for a family member, and now it's up for listening enjoyment. It's guitar-only, no voice, and electric... but in a retro-instrumental sort-of way.

Ephemera: Harmony Overkill, Cowboys & Amps, Uke Recreation

This '46 shot of a bunch of sisters (?!) on a porch and a giggling little brother is the epitome of summer diversions. The guitar is an early/mid-'30s Harmony-made Supertone all-birch special.


1964 Martin 0-16NY 12-Fret Lefty Guitar

1971 Fender Princeton 1x10" Amplifier

Fender Princetons are a staple in the vintage market for folks looking for that "Fender sound" without getting into huge wattage or disastrous expense. These are simple 12w amps and have a 10" speaker under the hood. My ears hear a relaxed midrange from this one with a sweet high-end that's not overly-shrill when noodling with a Tele-style bridge pickup. I really like it with a neck P90, where it gets a sort-of thick, mid-'50s low-volume jazz vibe when it's not being pushed too hard.