Back in the Shack: 1963 Gretsch Sun Valley Dreadnought Guitar

I'm parting with my Gretsch Sun Valley dreadnought. I love this thing... but two problems -- we're buying a replacement #2 vehicle and a sunburst, short-scale old box of mine came back into the shop after years of service over the mountain. This is a perfect stage guitar as it's stable, loud, big-guns in sound, and plays spot-on with a fresh refret and pickup installed. $700 shipped. Click here to see the updated blog post...

Back in the Shack: 1890s Bay State Style H Parlor Guitar

My friend Jim is now selling his Bay State, rosewood-backed, size-2 parlor (with Thomastik KR116s!) for an ask of $1,200. It's all done-up and sounds and plays gorgeous. Check out the blog entry here...


Local Flavor: Near New Haven, VT

1930s Regal LeDomino 00-Size Flattop Guitar

1920s Richter-made Lyra Bon-Ton Soprano Ukulele

1920s Stromberg-Voisinet Resonator Banjo Ukulele

1920s Lange-made Avalon Resonator Banjo Ukulele

1930s Slingerland MayBell Soprano Banjo Ukulele

1990s Bart Reiter 5-String Banjo

1970s Empro (Fujigen?) Strat Electric Guitar

1970s Electra (Fujigen?) P-Bass Electric Bass Guitar