1960s/2018 Kay/Wildwood Electrified 5-String Banjo

1965 Harmony H1203 Sovereign 000-Sized Flattop Guitar

2007 Hill Guitar Company Crossover Parlor Classical Guitar

Back in the Shack & Better: Electric Tin-Can Ukulele

I traded this uke a while back and it was recently traded back. It used to have a Barcus Berry pickup glued to the underside of the top, but I just replaced that with an electric guitar-style humbucker which now senses the vibrations in the metal top. This makes it the only nylon/fluoro-strung electric ukulele that I know of that uses a magnetic pickup instead of a piezo one.


Local Flavor: Lupine Season

Dang, right? Summer is here. I snagged this shot of Bonnie's sultry lupines after returning from river-swimming with the kids after work. Note the soaking sandals lining the front of our porch to dry in tomorrow's lazy sun.

The wind was sweet today in that almost-melancholy, nostalgic way that has you leaping 10 or 20 years reverse in your mind. Or more? I was thinking about Disneyland in the '80s at one point. The Swiss Family Robinson house has been long-since converted into Tarzan's residence. Oh well.

1960s Maruha 00-Size Archtop Guitar