2018 Jack Dudley Reso-Knee Dobro-Style Hollow-Neck Resonator Guitar

1951 Gibson L-48/ES-125 Conversion Hollowbody Electric Guitar

2016 Taylor 552CE 000-Size 12-String Guitar

1920s Harmony-made Supertone Birch Soprano Ukulele

1930s German-made 4/4 Violin

1920s German-made 1/2 Violin

Back in the Shack: '30s Dobro Resonator Ukulele

Yep, I'm thinning the collection in general and this one's snagged, too. I've enjoyed this uke a lot since fixing it up, but I'm also needing to enjoy things like already-purchased new audio interfaces, microphones, tools, and other bits and pieces of the overall work-picture.

Back in the Shack: '20s Electrified Soprano Uke

I'll be putting this little steel-strung guy up for grabs tomorrow essentially at cost and shipping. It's a fun, endearing, and very cool piece of kit, but I was counting ukuleles in the house the other day and feeling very sheepish.

Update: Ironing-Board Lap Steel

I was fiddling-around with this slab of pine to dial-in some effects and so I took some new photos and a video of this funny instrument and updated the blog post on it.

Update: Hackety-Hack Electrified Cuban Tres

I was cleaning-up my workshop and dusted-off this tres the other day, so I did a couple videos and took some new photos of it. Need some hack-inspiration for a kids' guitar that's laying-about? Why not try this?!

Update: Regal/Japan Squareneck Jumbo Guitar

I converted the long-suffering Regal-necked squareneck jumbo guitar that's been in the shop for a while into a pin-bridge setup rather than a tailpiece setup... so I took new photos and recorded a new video with it.