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Local Flavor: In the Snow Age

2018 Ibanez ASV73 Semihollow Electric Guitar

2001 Carvin Bolt Partscaster Kit Electric Guitar

1981 Stelling Bellflower 5-String Resonator Banjo

1916 Gibson A-1 Carved-Top Mandolin

1980s Harmony H570 Marquis Dreadnought Guitar

1973 Gibson ES-345 Semihollow Stereo Electric Guitar

1965 Framus Strato Deluxe Electric Guitar

1937 Vega De Luxe Electric Tenor Banjo

2004 Ibanez Artcore AFS75TD Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1930s Hohner Super Chromonica Chromatic Harmonica

1910s Wurlitzer (Leedy) 15x3" Snare Drum

1920s Ditson (Lyon & Healy) 17x10" Field Snare Drum

New Album: The Fire Handlers of Mercury

Album Update: Space Mermaids...

Vintage Flavor: Strange New Mexico (2007)

Vintage Flavor: Ancient New Mexico (2007)

Vintage Flavor: Scenic New Mexico (2007)

Vintage Flavor: There by Air (2005)

Vintage Flavor: Around the UK (2004)

Vintage Flavor: Around the UK (2003)

Vintage Flavor: Gen-Av (2004)

Local Flavor: Midbreak Doings

1979 Guild D-25 Dreadnought Guitar

Local Flavor: Holiday Break, Local Show

Local Flavor: Closed Today, Happy Solstice

Local Flavor: Sunset, Finally Some Snow

1980s Deering Folk Era Longneck 5-String Banjo

1940s Old Kraftsman (Kay) Lap Steel Electric Guitar

1962 Gretsch Tennessean Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1921 Gibson TB-4 Tenor Banjo (12" Rim)

1920s Lyra (Harmony) Rubber Bridge Parlor Guitar

1950s Airline (Harmony) Rubber Bridge Parlor Guitar

1950s Harmony H1215T Archtop Tenor Guitar

1960s Yamaha FG-75 (Japan) Flattop Guitar

1924 Buescher True Tone "Low Pitch" Alto Saxophone

2010s Vox AC4TV 1x10" 4w Tube Amp

1990s Dusty Strings D-10 Hammered Dulcimer

1970s Vito Clarinet

1984 Martin D-35 20th Anniversary Dreadnought Guitar

1930s Vincent Jacobacci (France) Banjo-Mandolin

1920s Regal Fancy-Trim Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

1940s Kay-made Resonator Tenor Banjo

1966 Rickenbacker 360/12 Fireglo Electric 12-String Guitar

1920s Wurlitzer Archtop Tenor Banjo

1971 Martin 000-18 Flattop Guitar

2020 Suhr Reactive Load IR Direct Out DI Box for Tube Amps

Local Flavor: Tree Time

Local Flavor: House Party Boys

1960 Gretsch FilterTron Pickup Guide