Back on Deck: 2001 Amistar Tricone Resonator Guitar

This beaut is back in-house for sale via a trade. I've given it a fresh neck reset, fret level/dress, new saddle, and full setup -- among other things! It's loud, proud, and sounds tops as it has newer National-made cones installed. Check it out in the updated blog post over here.


1970 Guild F-212 Jumbo Flattop 12-String Guitar

Review: EarthQuaker Devices Transmisser Effects Pedal

I don't usually bother writing-up guitar pedals. I have a number of them -- some old, funky ones that mostly sit in the drawer -- and a pretty good armory of newer ones. This thing is alarmingly-good, though. You can overdose on technicalities at their website, but the box can behave almost more like a good drone or washy second instrument if you dial it in to suit what you're doing. The key is to not let it overwhelm the dry signal -- unless you want it to!

My kids kept telling me not to stop playing when I was spacing-out into it the other day. How about them apples?


Music: Electric Plectrum Banjo Ramblings

Today was the first off-day I've had in months where I had a couple of solid hours to just have some downtime by myself. So -- I grabbed some instruments, plugged my amp into my "silent cab," put the headphones on, and actually worked on my music. It's been so long since I've actually just sat, played, and assessed what sort of sounds I want to go for in a live setting. I'm also gearing-up to start recording the next album and I just haven't had time to think about the approach -- though I'm now getting closer to an idea.

At some point I plugged that crazy electric plectrum banjo in (it's since received a Strat-style pickup as the P90 was just too hot) and recorded some of my fiddling-around on it to share. It's a weird beast and, no matter what pickup you put in it, has an interesting "cluck" to the tone and loves open tunings. The first part of the clip is pretty standard fare, but the instrument sounds way fun with an unbiased fuzz on it... kind of like a keyboard version of a "banjo" tone that's playing through a broken speaker.


Workshop: Crimes Against Guitarity

So, I was playing that new Danelectro/Silvertone Hornet of mine yesterday at our local Farmer's Market and I was not pleased with its live sound. I knew something was up with the wiring harness -- so I yanked it. I also wasn't happy with the white pickguard -- so I fine-sanded it down and sealed it with finish. I've always wanted a guitar with a brown pickguard, anyhow!