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1969 Gibson SG Electric Guitar

2021 Warmoth Roasty-Toasty Super-Strat Partscaster Electric Guitar

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Flea Market: Electronics & Whatnot

1930s KayKraft Electrified Archtop 2-Point Tenor Guitar

1951 Gibson LG-2 Flattop Guitar

1930s Regal-made Carved-Top Archtop Guitar

1960s Crucianelli Elite (Italy-made) Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1982 Joseph Kochanski Bowlback Mandolin

1988 Epiphone Nouveau NV-185 Mini-Jumbo Guitar

1960s Harmony H1203 Sovereign 000-size Guitar

1990 Epiphone SQ-180 Everly Brothers Mini-Jumbo Guitar

2000s Unmarked US-Made Electric Ukulele

1880s J.B. Schall 5-String Fretless Banjo

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1920s Turturro (Stewart-branded) Peanut (Bowlback) Ukulele

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