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For Sale by Owner: 1930s Gibson HG-20 Conversion Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1960s Kay Value Leader Electric Bass Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1965 Holiday (Harmony Rocket) Hollowbody Electric Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1960s/2020s Dano/Partser 5-String Electric Guitar-Thing

1950s Kay K-27 Fancy X-Braced Jumbo Guitar

1920s Nu-Way (Gretsch-made) Banjo Ukulele

2018 Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster (w/P90s) Electric Guitar

2020s Fender Limited Edition Super Champ X2 15w Tube Amp

1960s Silvertone 1465 Solid State 150 Amp Head

1960s Beltone (United-made) Modified Resonator Guitar

1940s Recording King (Regal-made) Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1950 Gretsch 6185 Electromatic Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1973 Martin D-35 Dreadnought Guitar

1999 Larrivee D-02 Dreadnought Guitar

1987 Kit-Built Strat-Style Electric Guitar

1980s Hondo Mini Electric Guitar

1996 Gibson The Hawk Electric Guitar

1920s Kamaka Mahogany Pineapple Soprano Ukulele

1960s Flamed Koa Homemade Soprano Ukulele

1980s Sonny D Longneck Ukulele

1910 Vega Whyte Laydie 5-String Openback banjo

1890s Thompson-branded Parlor Guitar

1940s Regal Junior Jumbo 000-Size Guitar (Take 2)

1971 Guild D-25 Dreadnought Guitar

2001 John Morton No 35 Tricone Resonator Parlor Guitar

1960 Silvertone 1304 (Danelectro U-1) Semihollow Electric Guitar

1940s Regal Buck Jones Cowboy Stencil Parlor Guitar

1970s Yamaha FG-75 00-Size Flattop Guitar

1937 National Style 97 Resonator Mandolin

1960s Harmony H1270 Sovereign 12-String Resonator Electric/Acoustic Conversion Guitar

1960s EKO Ranger 12-String Acoustic/Electric Guitar

1960s Harmony H929 Stella Electrified Rubber-Bridge Parlor Guitar