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Local Flavor: Summer Performances

Back in the Shack: 1960s Harmony Mini Rubber Bridge Bass No 1

1949 Gibson J-45 Slope Dreadnought Guitar

1960s Kay Tenor Guitar Rubber-Bridge Mini-Bass Conversion

1934 Martin 0-17 Flattop Guitar

1951 Martin 0-18 Flattop Guitar

1954 Martin 0-18 Flattop Guitar

1965 Guild M-20 0-Size Guitar

1976 Fender Starcaster Semihollow Electric Guitar

1937 Epiphone Blackstone Carved-Top Archtop Tenor Guitar

2023 Nate's Relic Guitars Telecaster-Style Electric Guitar

2005 Gretsch G6128T-EE Elliot Easton Duo Jet Electric Guitar

1960s Silvertone (Kay-made) Archtop Electric Rubber-Bridge Bass Conversion

2023 Harley Benton "Bendoline" Octave 12-String Electric Guitar

1930s Kay DeLuxe Schireson-Cone Resonator Guitar (Update)

1930s Kalamazoo KG-21 (Gibson-made) Archtop Guitar

1970s Orpheum F310 000-Size Guitar

1930 National Style 1 Tricone Hawaiian Squareneck Resonator Guitar

Back in the Shack: 2020 Squier Classic Vibe '70s Jaguar Electric Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1970 Fender Fretless Precision Bass

Back in the Shack: 1966 Martin 0-18T Tenor Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1970 Gibson B-15 00-Size Guitar

2023 Partscaster Orange Strat-Style (w/Fralin Pickups) Electric Guitar

1900s Conzert Violin Straduari 4/4 Violin

1930s Czech-made Strad-copy 4/4 Violin

1966 Fender Wildwood I (Kingman) Dreadnought Guitar (Update)

1931 National Style O Resonator Guitar (Update)

1948 National 1145 (Gibson L-48/L-50) Carved-Top Archtop Guitar

1994 Alvarez A-100 Archtop Mandolin (Update)

2001 Yamaha F-35 Jumbo Guitar

2023 McNeela 12-String Baby Harp

2020s Waring Double-Strung/Double-Row Harp Kit

2016 Breedlove Crossover FO NT F-Style Mandolin

2016 Music Man Valentine Electric Guitar

2010s Dean EAB-FL Fretless Acoustic Bass Guitar (Modded)

1960s National N-720 (Kay-made) Dreadnought Guitar

1968 Gibson Everly Brothers Small Jumbo Guitar (Very Modified)

1940s SS Stewart (Harmony-made) Archtop Guitar

2019 Fender Newporter 000-Size Cutaway Guitar

1963 Harmony H1201T Rubber-Bridge Mini-Bass Conversion

2000s Ovation Celebrity CK-047 Koa Cutaway Guitar

2017 Fender FSR Jazz Bass Electric Bass Guitar

2020 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar

1966 Gibson B-25 00-Size Guitar

1957 Harmony H44 Stratotone Electric Guitar

1967 Silvertone 319 (Harmony H666 or H912) 12-String Guitar

1963 Harmony H1215 Rubber-Bridge Electrified Archtop Guitar

1960s Suzuki Sonoro Model 10 Classical Guitar