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2005 Gibson SG Supreme Electric Guitar

Parts: 1950s Gretsch-style Synchro-Sonic Melita Bridge

Parts: 1970s Gibson-Branded Bigsby Tailpiece

Local Flavor: Rainbows, Smores, Harvest Fair, Museum

1960s Kay Speed Demon (with Bigsby) Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1999 Guild X-150D Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1966 Harmony Stella H1141 Electrified 000-Size Guitar

1970s Yamaha FG-160 (Japan-made) Jumbo Guitar

1970s Yamaha FG-160 (Taiwan-made) Jumbo Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1954 Martin 0-18T Tenor Guitar

Local Flavor: Moonrise, Sunset

1967 Fender Coronado II Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1978 Guild D-50NT Dreadnought Guitar

1958 Danelectro U2 (Modded) Electric Guitar

1975 Harmony Opus XX Jumbo Guitar

2012 Twigg-Smith (Vermont-made) Jumbo Guitar

2000 Martin OM-28V Flattop Guitar

1992 Fender USA Eric Clapton "Blackie" Stratocaster Electric Guitar

1990s Danelectro U2 (Korean) Semihollow Electric Guitar

1999 Yamaha AEX 502 Semihollow Electric Guitar

2000s Gould "Eagle" Les Paul Copycat Electric Guitar

1990s Amigo/Lotus (Romanian-made) Acoustic Bass Guitar

1981 Alvarez 5056 Dreadnought Guitar

Local Flavor: Too Much, Too Much

1939 Supertone (Harmony-made) Singing Cowboys Rubber Bridge Parlor Guitar

1960s Conqueror (Japan-made) 5-String Banjo

Song: "Bob Dean"

Back in the Shack: 1969/1960s Fender Malbu/Supro Arlington Partscaster

1970s Framus 5/296 Texan 12-String Guitar

1964 Gibson B-25N Flattop Guitar

1960s Winston (Teisco/Kawai-made) 6-String Electric Banjo

1960s Framus 5/96 00-Size Flattop Guitar

1980s Cort Double-Cut Electric Guitar

Local Flavor: Tractor Time

Local Flavor: Odds & Gnomes

1956 Vega E-201 Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1964 Gibson LG-2 3/4 Flattop Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1960s Harmony H1260 Sovereign Jumbo Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1920s John Bencic Kontra (Irish Bouzouki Setup)

Back in the Shack: 1960s KAPA Continental Modded Electric Guitar

1950s Fender Champion Mix-Mash Lap Steel (Part 2)