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1951 National 1135 (Gibson L-7 Body) Carved-Top Archtop Guitar

Workshop: Twinsies

Local Flavor: Memorial Day

2019 Clown-Painted Plywood Kit Ukulele

2001 Froggy Bottom Model M Flattop Guitar

1950s Harmony H950 Electric Archtop Guitar

1960s Kawai-made Sekova Semihollow Electric Guitar

1990s/2019 Lotus 5-String Electric Octave Mandolin Conversion

1969 Gibson B-15 Flattop Guitar

Now For Sale: Parscaster Jazzmaster

1960s Harmony H165 000-Size Flattop Guitar (Hawaiian Slide Setup)

1960s Kay K5915 Semihollow Electric Bass Guitar

1950s Friedrich Pfaff Carved Archtop Electric Guitar

1980s Fender/Fernandes Partscaster Electric Guitar

Ephemera: More Oddballs

1921 Bacon Style C Orchestra 5-String Banjo

1930 Martin 1-17P Plectrum Guitar

1937 Harmony-made Supertone Mahogany Parlor Guitar

2003 Martin D-18 Dreadnought Guitar

Hayride Hiatus

1967 Martin 00-21 Flattop Guitar

1925 Gibson H-1 Mandola

1960s Hagstrom Viking Deluxe Semihollow Electric Guitar

1930s Gretsch Model 25 Archtop Guitar

1900s Supertone-Style 5-String Openback Banjo

1900s Oscar Schmidt Bowlback Mandolin

eBay Hunting: Ukes & Banjos

1850s Martin Size 1 Parlor/Classical Guitar

1970s Frankenstein 12-String Strat-Style Electric Guitar

1860s Francois Richard 4/4 Violin

Update: 1960 National 1155 Slope Dreadnought Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1890s Weymann Bowlback Mandolin

Workshop: Bowlback Trim, Pie, Quiche

Workshop: Long Hours, But Satisfaction

1996 David Allen Smith "The David" F-Style Carved-Top Mandolin

Back in the Shack: 2000 Fender BG-32 Acoustic Bass Guitar

Local Flavor: Reveling in Spring

1990s Bill Irwin Jumbo Flattop Guitar

1960s/70s/80s/2019 Jazzmaster-Style Partscaster Electric Guitar

1960s Fujigen-made Premier Extra-Short-Scale Electric Bass

2019 Partscaster Telecaster Electric Guitar

2019 Jake Wildwood Electric Concert Ukulele

1960s Vox Super Lynx Deluxe Hollowbody Electric Guitar (Modded)

2000s Rob Wave Electric Upright Bass

Net Out Yesterday