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Back in the Shack: Moonstone 000-42

Back in the Shack: 1962/2018 Gretsch Tennessean

Updates: 1930s Gibson HG Century

1960s EKO-made Vox Super Lynx Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1950s Fretted Suzuki 4/4 Fiddle/Violin

1920s Lange-made Orpheum No 3 Tenor Banjo

2000s Trinity College Octave Mandolin

1920s John Henry Parker "Tonebuilt" Banjo-Mandolin

1920s Kay/SV-made Resonator Tenor Banjo

1920s Ludwig Ambassador Tenor Banjo

1921 Vega Style X No. 9 Tubaphone Tenor Banjo

1923 Vega Style X No. 9 Tubaphone Tenor Banjo

1880s Unmarked Amati-Style 4/4 Violin

1950s John Bolander 4/4 Violin bow

1890s/2018 Wildwood/Partser Cigar Box Acoustic/Electric Fiddle

2000s Homemade "Box" Fretless Banjo

Cleanout: 2017 Wangs 5w Mini 5 Tube Amp Head & 1940s 1x10" Metal Speaker Cab

Cleanout: 1940s/2017 Isolation Cab

Cleanout: 2006 MXL V67Q Stereo Condenser Microphone

Cleanout: Vintage 10" & 12" Speakers

Cleanout: 1960s/70s Guitar/Bass Straps

Local Flavor: Perfect Snow

Shop Talk: Modern Shipping Woes

1910s Lange-made Orpheum No. 3 Tenor Banjo

1924 Gibson MB-3 "Trap Door" Banjo-Mandolin

2002 Moonstone 000-42 Flattop Guitar

1970s Tokai T-600R "Masterclone" 5-String Resonator Banjo

1930s Regal-made Penn Slide/Lap (Modded) Ukulele

1950s DeArmond Model 400 Tenor Guitar/Mandolin Pickup

Local Flavor: Talcville Hayride 1/3/19

1957 National 1155 (Gibson J-50 Body) Slope Dreadnought Guitar

1970s Wildwood "Minstrel" 5-String Openback Banjo

Away Today, Here Tomorrow

Local Flavor: Burlington New Year's Dragon Parade