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1927 Martin T-18 Tiple

1930s Harmony Johnny Marvin Tenor (Concert) Ukulele

1967 Harmony H941 Stella Electrified 000-Size Guitar

1960s United-made Electrified Tailpiece Parlor Guitar

1980s Yamaha FG-340T Jumbo Flattop Guitar

2010 Recording King ROS-647 Flattop Guitar

Local Flavor: Macroland Entry No. 1748?

Workshop: ES-345 Neck Reset, Uke Neck Reset, Etc.

2005 Collings OM2H-SS Flattop Guitar

2008 Craig Anderson A-1 000/Mini-Jumbo Flattop Guitar

2001 Larrivee D-03 Dreadnought Guitar

Local Flavor: Strawberrytown

1970 Harmony Sovereign H164 "Jet Set" 000-Size Flattop Guitar

1910s Unmarked (Peterson-sold) 000-Size 12-Fret Guitar

1939 Martin 0-17 Flattop Guitar

2002 Gibson J-100 Xtra Jumbo Flattop Guitar

1962 Harmony H59 Rocket (3-Pickup) Hollowbody Electric Guitar

Quick Note: Yes, You're Getting Through

1966 Fender Jazz Bass Electric Bass Guitar

Local Flavor: More Macro Bugs at the River

1930s Regal Spruce/Mahogany Fancy Tiple

1920s GH&S 5-String Pony Banjo

1911 Vega Fairbanks Style K Banjo-Mandolin 4-String Mod

1950s Vega Arthur Godfrey Solo Lute Tenor Guitar Conversion

1910s Lange-made Eko Banjo-Mandolin

1930s Viola da Terra Hawaiian 12-String Lap Guitar Conversion

2000s Simon & Patrick Showcase Rosewood Folk Flattop Guitar

Workshop: Bad intonation? Gee, I wonder why?

1950 Epiphone Zenith Carved-Top Archtop Guitar

1920s Oscar Schmidt Stella Fancy Parlor Guitar

1933 Oscar Schmidt Stella Decalcomania Tailpiece Parlor Guitar (A)

1930s Oscar Schmidt Stella Decalcomania Tailpiece Parlor Guitar (B)

1967 Gibson-made Epiphone FT-79 Texan Slope Dreadnought Guitar

1870s Unmarked American-made Spruce/Maple Parlor Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1972 Martin D-18 Dreadnought Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1960s Yamaha FG-110 Flattop Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1974 Guild F112 Mini-Jumbo 12-String Guitar

1930s Harmony-made Uke-A-Lute Soprano Ukulele

1930s Gibson-made Kalamazoo KM-11 Flatback Mandolin

1997 Collings 0002H Flattop Guitar

2000s Carlo Robelli Manhattan D-120 Electric Jazz Guitar

1970s Global (Japan-made) J-200-Copy Jumbo Guitar

1970s Carlo Robelli (Japan-made) Model 855 Hollowbody Electric Guitar

2008 Gibson Custom Shop ES-339 Semihollow Electric Guitar

Workshop: K&K Pickup Install in Dobro Guitar

Local Flavor: More Garden Folk

1940s Harmony-made H53 Silvertone Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1960s Egmond Typhoon 3V Modded Electric Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1960s Teisco EB-200 Electric Bass Guitar