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Workshop: Shim Shim Shim

1930s Regal LeDomino "Big Boy" Roundhole Archtop Guitar

1890s Lyon & Healy "American Conservatory" Bowlback Mandolin

1906 Fairbanks No. 4 Special 5-String Banjo

1890s Cole-made Stratton & Handley 5-String Banjo

Ephemera: Sorority Party (1920s)

Ephemera: The Bulgarian Mickeys (1930s)

1940s/2016 Regal-made Stewart 4-String Electric Mandolin Conversion

1954 Gibson LG-3 Flattop Guitar

1920s Oscar Schmidt "Sovereign" Size 2 Guitar

Off Topic: The Talking Cure

1950s United-made Stadium Tenor Guitar Conversion

2013 Washburn B-7 Openback Banjo

Ephemera: Radio Topeka WIBW (1930s)

Ephemera: Dobro Duo (1930s)

Ephemera: Colonel Combs (1930s)

Ephemera: Can't Complain (1960s)

1940 Gibson-made Kalamazoo KG-12 (X-Braced) Flattop Guitar

2000s Copley "Great American Country" Autographed Guitar

1893 Lyon & Healy Washburn Style 411 5-String Banjo

Ephemera: The Jolly Cowboys (1935-1939)

Ephemera: Lithuanian Gal (1940s?)

Ephemera: Cute Kids (1920s)

Ephemera: This is Millie (1920s)

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Workshop: Display Change

1920s Lyon & Healy "American Conservatory" Rosewood Parlor Guitar

1940s Harmony "Gene Autry" Cowboy Parlor Guitar

1997 Yamaha FG-460S Super Dreadnought Guitar

Mail Call: What is this? (Qinqin)

1952 Gibson Southern Jumbo Slope Dread Guitar

1930s Harmony "Nobility" Mahogany Tiple

Workshop Note #9

Ephemera: HMCS Patriot's Naval Jam Band (1920s)

Ephemera: Liquor & Fiddles (1890s)

1930s Oscar Schmidt Stella Soprano Uke

Review: Seaguar Fluorocarbon Uke Strings

Mail Call: MarvelTone Beauts

Happy New Year, indeed!

1956 Fender Musicmaster Electric Guitar