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Listening Party: Remastered Albums

Listening Party: WRVP The Peavine Local

Local Flavor: Mother's Day Adventure

1930s Windsor (British-made) Resonator Banjo-Mandolin

2005 Tacoma DM9C Cutaway Dreadnought Guitar

1930s Kay Kraft Style B 2-Point Archtop Guitar

1950s Vega E-202 Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1950s Silvertone (Harmony-made) H3 Lap Steel Electric Guitar

1990 Samick HJRG-302 L-5 Copycat Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1970s Kay KE-20 (Taiwan-made) electric guitar

Local Flavor: Sunday Rest

2010s Fender Pawn Shop Excelsior 13w 1x15" Tube Amp

Local Flavor: Tulip Time & River Wilds

Local Flavor: Unsettled Spring

1900s Alfred Cammeyer Banjola (5-String Wood-Topped Banjo)

1910s Gibson K-1 Mandocello

2012 Eastwood Airline Map Deluxe Electric Guitar

1960s Patenotte French-made Pochette Mandolin

1936 Henry L Mason (Gibson-made) KG-31-style Archtop Guitar

2010s Recording King RD-26 Dreadnought Guitar

1970s Japanese-made Dove-copy Dreadnought Guitar

1987 Giannini Trovador GWNER Classical Quart Guitar

Pedals & Boards & Parts, Oh My!

1964 Gibson LG-0 Flattop Guitar

1960s Teisco Violin-Shaped Hollowbody Electric Guitar

2011 Fender American Telecaster Electric Guitar (w/Fralin P90)

2013 Fender American Stratocaster Electric Guitar

1967 Silvertone 604 (Harmony H929) Parlor Guitar

2017 Gold Tone GBG+ Baritone Guitar

Workshop: Sitar-Saddles Lap Steel

1960s Teisco/Kawai "Encore" Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1962/1960s Fender Precision Bass Partscaster Electric Bass Guitar

1980s Daion Power Mark XX Electric Bass Guitar

1990s Yamaha RBX650 Electric Bass Guitar

2008 Ibanez SR700 Active Electric Bass Guitar

1954 Guild F-30 000-Size Guitar

1890s Hopf German-made 4/4 Violin

1930s Amati-copy German-made 4/4 Violin

1930s John Juzek Czech-made 4/4 Violin

1900s Unmarked German-made 4/4 Violin

1990s Sue-brand Chinese-made 4/4 Violin

1920s Gagliano-copy French-made 3/4 Violin

1997 Marshall Music S30 4/4 Violin

1930s Unmarked 3/4 "Strad-copy" Violin

1990s Leon Aubert K650 Romanian-made 4/4 Cello

Goodies Sale: Violin Bows

1930s Slingerland MayBell No 5 Parlor Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1940s Regal Junior Jumbo 000-Size Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1960s Harmony Sovereign H1203 Resonator Guitar Conversion

1770s Preston English Guittar