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1930s Dobro Spider-Bridge Resonator Ukulele

1959 Kay K6118J Cutaway 000-Size Flattop Guitar

2004 Fender Mexico Modded Stratocaster Electric Guitar

2010 Gypsy's Music Nylon-String Mandolin

Gear to Skip: 2010s Kohala KO-S Soprano Ukulele

1970s Peavey Classic 100 Amp Head

2000s Peavey Classic 50 4x10 Tube Amp

2000s Rivera Sedona 55 Tube (Electric & Acoustic) Amp

Goings-On in Jakeland

1930s Gretsch Mini-Jumbo Flattop Guitar

1980s Don Young Koa Lap Steel Guitar

1971 Harmony-made Silvertone S1221 Jumbo Flattop Guitar

1966 Harmony H1270 Sovereign 12-String Jumbo Guitar

Back in the Shack: 2012 Bruko Yellow Submarine Concert Uke

2017 Gold Tone Paul Beard PBS Squareneck Resonator Guitar

2017 Recording King RKT-05 Dirty 30s Tenor Banjo

1936 Gibson-made Cromwell G-4 Archtop Guitar

Ephemera: Dads, Granddads, & Dangerous Kids

1942 Gibson L-0 Flattop Guitar

1920s Epiphone-made Bruno Commander De Luxe Resonator Tenor banjo

1960s Harmony H1203 Sovereign 000-Size Flattop Guitar

1960s Harmony H1203 Sovereign 000-Size Flattop Guitar

1920s Harmony-made Supertone Artist Parlor Guitar

1969 Harmony H1260 Sovereign Jumbo Flattop Guitar

1968 Harmony H1265 Sovereign Jumbo Flattop Guitar

1970 Harmony H1203 Sovereign 000-Size Flattop Guitar

1957 Gibson LG-2 Lefty Flattop Guitar (John Sebastian-owned)

1970s Harmony Opus X-Braced Jumbo Guitar

1957 Gibson Southern Jumbo Slope Dreadnought Guitar

1930s Regal-made Dobro Spider-Bridge Resonator Ukulele

Back in the Shack: 1952 Gibson J-50 Slope Dreadnought Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1937 Gibson L-4 Carved-Top Guitar

Workshop: 1930s Dobro Ukulele Overhaul

Full to Bursting

1933 Gibson-made Kalamazoo KG-11 Flattop Guitar

1910s Harmony-made Fancy Tailpiece Parlor Guitar

1910s Bauer-made Size 2 Parlor Guitar

1920s Regal-made Sterling 0-Size Flattop Guitar

1890s Joseph Bohmann 00-Size Flattop Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1890s Howe-Orme Cylinder-Top Guitar

Power Out

Ephemera: Flappers & Pickers

Special Hours for April 2018

1972 Martin D-28 Dreadnought Guitar

1974 Martin 00-21 Flattop Guitar

1970s Liberty Banjo Company Archtop 5-String Resonator Banjo

1980s Liberty Banjo Company "Monstertone" 5-String Resonator Banjo