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Local Flavor: Thanksgiving Break, Self-Reflection?

Local Flavor: Rosie Stuff, Winter Stuff

1982 Greco Super Real EJR54-40 Electric Guitar

1972 Fender Musicmaster Electric Guitar

1960s Guyatone LG-150T Electric Guitar

1955 National 1155 (Gibson body) Slope Dreadnought Guitar

1969 Harmony H162 000-Size Guitar

1940 Recording King (Gibson) M5 Carved-Top Guitar

1950s Kay K90 Woodbody Resonator Guitar

1969 Guild D-25 Dreadnought Guitar

1974 LoPrinzi (Augustino) LR-15 Dreadnought Guitar

1951 Gibson ES-125 Archtop Electric Guitar

1981 Gibson SG-R1 Electric Guitar

1970s Electra 2270C Telecaster Thinline Copy Electric Guitar

1970s Harmony H-802 (Import) Electric Guitar

1978 Takamine Guitars Owner's Manual

1978 Takamine F360 Dreadnought Guitar

1993 Takamine ESF-93 Santa Fe Cutaway Guitar

1961 Vega "Pete Seeger" Longneck 5-String Banjo

2010s John Mannino (Lumber City Guitars) Dreadnought Guitar

2001 Taylor 314KCE Flattop Guitar

Local Flavor: Falls of Lana Trail

1973 Martin D12-35 12-String Dreadnought Guitar

1972 Martin D-28 Dreadnought Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1967 Harmony H1260 Sovereign Jumbo Guitar

1966 Gibson ES-120T Hollowbody Electric Guitar (Modded)

1967 Harmony H35 "Batwing" Electric Mandolin

1954 Gretsch 6185 Electromatic Archtop Electric Guitar

2002 Fender FR-50 Resonator Guitar

1963 Gibson SG Custom (Les Paul Custom) Solidbody Electric Guitar

1959 Premier (Multivox) Twin 8 Tube Amp

2004 Fender Japan TL-62 Telecaster Custom '62 Reissue Electric Guitar

1963 Silvertone 1449 (Danelectro) 5w 1x8" Tube Amp (Part 2)

1880s Buckbee-made 6-String Banjitar

2005 Fender Showmaster HH Electric Guitar

1990s Deering Maple Blossom Resonator 5-String Banjo

1965 Gibson LG-0 Flattop Guitar

2020 Ibanez Soundgear SR300E Active Electric Bass Guitar

1999 Tacoma Thunderchief CB10 Acoustic Bass Guitar

2005 Yamaha Pacifica 112 Electric Guitar

2001 Squier Affinity Precision Bass

Local Flavor: Painting & More Painting

Local Flavor: Bleeding Colors, Crisp Mornings

Local Flavor: Happy Halloween Yet Again!

Workshop: Acoustic Pickup & Magnetic Pickup Install

1960s Mosrite Guitar Owner's Manual