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1960s Unmarked (German? Italian?) Classical Guitar

1961 Gretsch 6003 Jimmie Rodgers 000-Size Guitar

1997 Gibson Chet Atkins SST Steel String Acoustic/Electric Guitar

1993 Gibson Chet Atkins SST Steel String Acoustic/Electric Guitar

1928 Gibson L-4 Carved-Top Archtop Guitar

1923 Gibson L-4 Carved-Top Archtop Guitar

1956 Gretsch Town & Country Jumbo Guitar

1967 Goya (Levin) N-21 00-Size Guitar

2004 Alvarez MD60 Dreadnought Guitar

2023 Davide Melo (Azores Islands) Viola-Style Guitar

1990s G&L Legacy Electric Guitar

2015 Martin 0-28VS Flattop 12-Fret Guitar

2020s Loar LM-520-VS F-Style Mandolin

2015 Taylor 522CE Cutaway Acoustic/Electric Guitar

2022 Fox Guitars Kalamazoo KG-11 00-Size Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1900s Oak/Spruce 0-Size Parlor Guitar

1958 Goya (Levin) G-30 Classical Guitar

2018 Epiphone AJ-220S Mahogany-Top Dreadnought Guitar

2014 Alvarez ARD70 12-Fret Dreadnought Guitar

2010s Applause AE-44 Mid-Depth Bowl Acoustic/Electric Guitar

2014 Gretsch G9126 Guitar-Ukulele

2020s Starshine SSJ-200 Jumbo Guitar

2010 Washburn D46SCE/12 12-String Acoustic/Electric Dreadnought Guitar

1970s Carmencita T3 Classical Guitar

1958 Goya G-12 (Levin) Classical Guitar

2014 Huss & Dalton TD-M Dreadnought Guitar

2000 Dell Arte (John Kinnard) Mandocello

Back in the Shack: 1890s Ornate German 4/4 Violin

Back in the Shack: 1940s Rogers (Regal) Electrified Archtop Guitar

2015 Nick Gregory Cutaway Carved-Top Archtop Electrified Guitar (Part 2)

2021 Alvarez MDR70SB 12-Fret Dreadnought Guitar

1992 Gibson SJ-200 Jumbo Guitar

2022 Fender Custom Shop '60 Reissue Telecaster Custom Journeyman Relic Electric Guitar

1980s Unmarked (American?) Quality Classical Guitar

1985 Guild D-55 Dreadnought Guitar

1998 Larrivee O-01 Parlor Guitar

1960s Norma (Japan) Hollowbody Electric Bass Guitar

1970 Silvertone 1227 (Harmony) 12-String 000-Size Guitar

2018 Fender American Elite Stratocaster Electric Guitar w/Lollar Pickups

1996 Takamine FP360SC Cutaway Dreadnought Acoustic/Electric Guitar

1920s Martin Taropatch Concert Ukulele

1919 Vega Style 202 Cylinder-Back Mandolin

1930s Strad-O-Lin Archtop Mandolin

1930s Galiano (Strad-O-Lin) Archtop Mandolin

2000s Daniel Larson 8-Course Renaissance Lute

1923/1971 Gibson F-4/F-5 Carved-Top Archtop Mandolin

1970s Alvarez 5055 Jumbo Guitar

2010s Brad Sourdiffe "Grey" Electric Bass Guitar

2010s Brad Sourdiffe "Brown" Electric Bass Guitar

1930s Strad-Copy (US?) 4/4 Violin