This page archives most of my individual instrument blog posts by maker and now also by region and factory size. I'm hoping that this will aid research efforts and also give a nice side-by-side comparison in looks and sound between each maker's models.

At the bottom of the page you will also find a selection of vintage source materials and some of my general commentary and links to useful articles and books.

Entries current to 12/29/22.

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Unknown said…
Fantastic work you are doing! Thank you for sharing it so freely!
Jake Wildwood said…
You're very welcome-- thanks for the kudos.
Anonymous said…
Whenever I am interested in some guitar or other your site almost always comes up with everything I want to know, with pictures & explanation , excellent, thank you
Unknown said…
Jake... I love the website and your commentary on these instruments (museum area is my favorite). You show a true love for the woodworking and the artistry involved in making the wood sing. Great photos and explanation of repairs make it a new favorite of mine. I was trying to identify a bargain buy at one of the local antique shops and trying to narrow it down... I think it's an older Regal or copy based on the bracing pattern you posted. All mahogany construction though... Would you help ID this guitar if I send pics?


Jake Wildwood said…
John -- yep! Anyone needing info, please pop pictures to my email.
Unknown said…
I just bought a 1979 Oscar Schmidt Auto harp model 15ebh/r I was just wondering what I got ,I saw your post about one you you have ,are they rare ,what are they worth it's in excellent condition.its sounds really cool and diffent.i don't know how to play it so I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with it ,I'm open to e-mail is my name is Jeremy .I appreciate anything you can tell me about it thank you
Unknown said…
Where do you find the time to catalogue and comment on all of these instruments as well as repairing and improving them all?
Amazing Jake!

Dave Homans said…
Hey Jake- any way to put a donate button on this page so we can help defray the costs of you putting this together? This page has been more useful to me than a whole pile of Centerstream books...
Jake Wildwood said…
Dave -- thanks! I'm planning to get a donate button & Patreon stuff going within the next few weeks.

I have some very definite missions I want to get done with the historical side of the blog and I'd love to figure-out how to have time for both those and also to go through and weed around in my ancient blog posts to bring them up to date and make them more accurate, since they still get lots of traffic.
Thomas said…
Hi there,
Thank you very much for this unique site peppered with knowledge, information and instructions.
I like to use this site.
To you personally a lot of joy and health.
Kind regards from Germany from Thomas.