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Ephemera: Ringing in the...

Happy Holidays!

Closed for Break & New 2020 Winter Hours

1974 Guild F-48 Navarre Jumbo Flattop Guitar

1930s Harmony-made Broman Challenger Archtop Guitar

1978 Takamine F-370S Dreadnought Guitar

1960s Crucianelli-made Imperial Tonemaster 335-Style Electric Guitar

2017 Fender Blues Deluxe 40w Tube Amp

1890s Cleo Birdseye Maple Parlor Guitar

1960s Teisco EB-200 Electric Bass Guitar

2010s Veillette Avante Gryphon High-Tuning 12 String Guitar

2010s Hadean UKB-22 Ukulele Bass

Short Album, Happy Solstice!

1956 Gibson Country Western Slope Dreadnought Guitar

1934 Gibson-made Kalamazoo KG-11 Flattop Guitar

1950s Gibson LG-1 Flattop Guitar

1936 Gibson-made Kalamazoo KTG-11 Tenor Guitar

2007 Martin DC-16RGTE Acoustic/Electric Cutaway Dreadnought Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1979 Guild D-40 Dreadnought Guitar

2010s NS Design NXTa-4 Fretted Electric Violin

1930s Harmony-made Tropical-Stencil Parlor Guitar

1935 National Trojan Resonator Guitar

1974 Martin 00-18 Flattop Guitar

1920s Oscar Schmidt-made Size 5 Tenor Guitar

1965 Guild F-30NT Flattop Guitar

Workshop: 2nd Time Around Rubber Bridge

Local Flavor: Rumors of my death...