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1995 Ibanez Artstar AS120 Semihollow Electric Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1980s Amigo/Lotus (Romania) Acoustic Bass Guitar

1986 Fender (Japan) Telecaster Custom Electric Guitar

Local Flavor: Apples, Apples, Apples

1950s Kay 2-Point Electric Mandolin

1940s Martin 1T Tenor Ukulele

1960s Teisco (Kawai) ET-230 Sharkfin Electric Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1965 Epiphone (Gibson) FT-110 Frontier Dreadnought Guitar

Workshop: Correcting Intonation on '60s Gibson Adjustable Saddles

1930s Oahu (Regal) 000-Size 12-Fret Mahogany Guitar

Yard Sale: Amp, Pedals, Etc.

1920s Schoenhut Soprano Banjo-Ukulele

2021 Jake-made 4-String Cigar Box Lap Steel

Local Flavor: Painting Windows, Pumpkin Boats

1948 Gibson ES-125 Hollowbody Electric Guitar

Back in the Shack: 2001 Froggy Bottom Model M Flattop Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1978 Guild D-50NT Dreadnought Guitar

2011 Bishline Custom Zebrawood Mastertone-style Resonator 5-String Banjo

1952 Gibson EM-150 Electric Mandolin

1950s Kay K-95 Electric Mandolin

1930s Oahu (Kay) Deluxe Lap Steel Guitar

1938 Supro 60 8w 1x8" Tube Amp

1937 Supro 60 Lap Steel Guitar

1960s Audition (Kawai) Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1960s Teisco (Kawai) Hollowbody Violin-Style Electric Bass Guitar

1960s Kent (Guyatone) Model 533 Videocaster Electric Guitar

2000s Danelectro (Korea) Mod 7 7-String Electric Guitar

2007 Danelectro (Korea) DC59 Semihollow Electric Bass Guitar

2010s Unmarked Cigar Box Guitar

2005 Art & Lutherie Folk Cedar 00/000 Guitar

2002 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe 40w 1x12" Tube Amp

1965 Silvertone 1457 (Danelectro) 5w 1x8" Tube Amp

1963 Silvertone 1449 (Danelectro) 5w 1x8" Tube Amp

Gear Sale: Atlas Microphone Stands

1980s Peavey Bandit 112 80w 1x12" Amp

1940s Regal Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

1950s Scholer (East German) D/A Concertina

1940s Wurlitzer 120-Bass Piano Accordion

1950s Accordiana (Italy-made) 12-Bass Piano Accordion

Local Flavor: Site Updates, Closed Saturday, Harvest Fair

How To: Fully-Compensate a 12-String Saddle, Add String Ramps, Etc.

1969 Guild F-112 000-Size 12-String Guitar

1990s Yamaha FG-412 12-String Jumbo Guitar

2010s Caraya 5-String Pony/Travel Banjo

2010s Ibanez IVJ100S Dreadnought Guitar

Local Flavor: Saturday's Garden

Local Flavor: More Sunset, Frost House, Heron

Workshop: Summer/Winter Saddles, Clamp Fest, Parrot Vice, Etc.

1927 Martin 2-17 Flattop Guitar

1970s Wildwood Custom Balladeer Openback 5-String Banjo