Interested in buying something? The online cart above makes it easy. Keep in mind that I include shipping for the United States in my pricing but for international buyers I may need to collect additional shipping charges before shipping the item out-of-country. For answers to frequently asked questions regarding returns, condition information, and whatnot check out my FAQs page. For contact information and store hours, check out the Contact page.

This is also not my entire inventory! There are always a few cheap guitars, ukes, and other toys hanging around that are not worth the dollars to ship and are sold at or near cost for student use. You can also "visit" upcoming instruments at the shop if you want a pre-restoration peek.

Please call or email me if you want to negotiate on price or trade! On some I can and on some I can't. I take no offense to any offers but also be aware that a lot of my inventory is on consignment these days and it's harder to work trades around that status.