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1920 Vega Style 202 Cylinder-Back Mandolin

1890s Joseph Bohmann Fancy 0-Size Parlor Guitar

1890s Joseph Bohmann 0-Size Parlor Guitar

Workshop: Heat Needle & Carbon Fiber Rod

1956 Danelectro U1 Semihollow Electric Guitar

1890s Haynes-made Bay State Style Z Parlor Guitar

Back in the Shack: 1939 Strad-O-Lin Jr Archtop Mandolin

Back in the Shack: 1930s Oscar Schmidt-made Collegiate Parlor Guitar

2010s G&L Tribute ASAT Deluxe Electric Guitar

1946 Martin 0-17 Flattop Guitar

1958 Martin 0-18 Flattop Guitar

1960s Kay K5965 Electric Bass Guitar

1930s Harmony-made Resonator Banjo-Mandolin (4-String Conversion)

1962 Gibson EM-150 Electric Mandolin

2003 Taylor 615CE Jumbo Flattop Guitar

1964/2020 Harmony-made "Super Rocket" Electric Guitar

1930s German-made 4/4 Electrified "Silent" Violin

1900s German-made 4/4 "Brown" Violin

Workshop: Just a Little Nudge

Workshop: All-Fourths Tuning on Mini Strat

1966 Rickenbaker 360/12 Jetglo 12 String Electric Guitar

1905 Levin Model 122 Harp Guitar

1967 Levin Model 113 (Goya G-30) Classical Guitar

1965 Levin-made Goya F-11 Flattop Guitar

1976 Levin W36 ("Goliath") Dreadnought Guitar

1993 Fender Japan Stratocaster Mini Electric Guitar

1993 Fender Japan Stratocaster Mini Electric Guitar (Fralin Pickups)

1960s Kapa 506 Semihollow 335-Style Electric Guitar

2017 Emerald X7 Custom 0-Size Carbon Fiber Guitar

2015 Martin 00-15M Flattop Guitar

Where They Are Now: 1980 Daion Mugen Mark I (Part 2)

1970s Yamaha FG-165S Dreadnought Guitar

1972 Kasuga KF820 000-Size Flattop Guitar

Just a Note: Yes, I Hear You

1936 Gibson-made Old Kraftsman 2154 Carved-Top Archtop Guitar

1935 Gibson-made Kalamazoo KTG-11 Flattop Tenor Guitar

1966 Levin-made Goya TG-15 Flattop Tenor Guitar

1930 National Triolian Resonator Guitar

1930s Webster Electric 1x8" Tube Amplifier