c.1925 Regal Flamed Soprano Ukulele w/Stripes!

Update 2012: This uke is actually made from solid, flamed Cuban mahogany, not koa.

If this looks familiar, then you'd be right! This uke is practically identical in terms of build, wood, and sound, to my own Regal uke that I posted about earlier -- except that this one has an additional inlaid "stripe" of multicolored herringbone right up the neck and headstock... which I think looks fabulous!

Figured flamed koa (or is it fancy mahogany?) abounds on this uke, with a perfectly rich reddish-orange color (the unfinished inside looks the same) and a wonderfully snappy, loud, and warm tone. Like my own uke, this one has very light construction. Unlike my own uke, this one had multiple dryness cracks on the top, back, and sides, all of which have been repaired and are rather difficult to see (especially in the photos).

Nice, not-very-worn headstock in the typical "dewdrop" Regal shape. I love the inlay. New tuners, but everything else is original.

Fretboard -- again, lovely inlay -- original nickel-silver frets, with replacement 12th fret.

Fancy rosette. Celluloid binding. Inlay is multicolored wood.

Bridge has repaired top cracks on either side, and a little bit of the edge missing on the "A" string slot, but the previous owner simply cut the slot a little deeper and the strings hold just fine.

Side view.

Back view.

New Grover tuners.

Back view... if you click to enlarge you can see some of the back cracks that have been repaired -- just barely. There are two two or three-inch long hairlines on the lower bout, and a couple on the upper bout. All are repaired and nicely stable.

And here's a change of light so you can see the lovely grain.

Side view.


Jon said…
I have a very similar uke. The decoration around the sound hole has an extra ring, I think and the the herringbone pattern on the neck and head goes in the opposite direction. If I sent some photos, could you help ID it for me? Thanks
Colten Munn-Myshrall said…
Jake, i'm pretty sure this was the very same uke that i was trying to win on eBay months ago (although i didn't win it), because I highly recognize that broken A string slot and the very small crack on the soundhole, but i am glad it came into your hands, i really like the way it looks now, very beautiful job :)