c.1925 P'MICo Soprano Ukulele

This is a nice, no-frills soprano made entirely out of birch but super-lightweight, resonant, and comfortable to play. It came out of repair and setup a great little uke! It has celluloid top binding, but contradicting this is a painted rosette. I've reset the neck on this, polished up the frets, reglued (and repaired) the bridge including a new bone-simulant saddle, and installed some new tuners, as well as the usual restoration work. Overall? A "sleeper."

Fun black marks in the wood -- perhaps a diseased tree?


Soundhole. These were built by Regal, I believe, for the "Progressive Musical Instrument Corporation." All the lines and construction are typical for Regal.

Newly reglued/repaired bridge. Note the mahogany "cap" at the slots.

And here's why it's capped: I had to splice in a new center section as the center of the bridge was missing. The rest is original, however. Works fine and is stronger than original, now! The new saddle gives it some oomph, too.

Top detail.



New Grover tuners.