c.1930 Harmony Johnny Marvin "Tenor" Ukulele

This is a customer's Johnny Marvin "tenor" (it's really a concert size) ukulele, and what a nice one! I reset its neck, reglued its bridge, and set it up, and couldn't help but take a few photos before I pack it to go back to its destination.

Body. A nice subdued sunburst.

Side, showing how good the finish is compared to most of these old Johnny Marvins.


Binding top, back, and soundhole, and solid mahogany throughout. The tone on this guy is very sweet, open, and charmingly "professional." Lots of sustain and volume with good snap, especially with these new Aquilas on it.

Headstock: don't mind the bit of sawdust on it. :)

Good quality vintage Grovers.

(Now) a nice tight neck join.

...and a brand new hardwood dowel to replace the original one (which was cracked).

New bridge reglue is a lot healthier now. When this came in, one gentle pass without heat of my separation knife took it right off. I'm not quite sure what glue it had been reglued with before but it was like taking jelly off a PB&J. The bone at the nut and bridge really helps tone, by the way.

And that's that!


Kevin said…
What price range would you pay for one of these in decent shape. No structural damage, just some visual damage?

I found one for $60