c.1930 Unmarked Concert Banjo Ukulele

Here's the type of banjo uke you don't see very often: a bigger 8" head, nicely-built resonator, and 14" concert-ish scale length. V-shaped neck of good quality maple, MOP dots on the board, birdseye maple on the resonator, and great sound & playability. It's ummarked but is in the style of a lot of makers back then: it has a Slingerland style neck brace, so perhaps that's what it is. It certainly looks like a Slingerland in terms of build.

It's original (some mismatched nuts) save new strings, 1960s-style tuners, bridge, and a missing hook, nut, and shoe. The skin head is brand new and has that great fresh poppy but plunky and deeper tone, enhanced by the wider-than-normal head diameter (and a rolled tone ring).

Side. Note inlaid pinstripes on the pot side.

Bridge is a new Grover non-tip at 5/8" -- the straight maple gives the nylgut strings more punch and mellowness than if it were topped with ebony.

Slimmer neck profile with a v-shape for strength.

The best part is this curious headstock shape. Bone nut (non-original).


Though new, the new skin has that old-timey look.


Really pretty birdseye maple on the back of the resonator. Bound, too.

Funky 1960s tuners. They work well -- fair enough!

Good heel to pot join.

Some glow in the wood.



Simple but effective tailpiece.


Polished hardware and pot detail.


Unknown said…
I do believe this one is a Stromberg-Voisinet, but I could be wrong. I'll have to dig up the link of a dedicated banjo-uke blog that goes into detail about this one.