c.1960 Harmony Baritone Ukulele

Here's the bari enjoying a nap in our yard with its friends the "wee li'l purple flowers."

But seriously, this is a lightly played c.1960s Harmony baritone uke, all-solid mahogany, rosewood fretboard and bridge, and perfect playability. I've polished up the frets, cleaned up the dried out fretboard, and set it up along with some Aquila nylguts. The sound? Sustained, sweet, mellow, but good volume. The ideal old Chicago baritone uke. I like it.

The satin finish is in really good shape -- a few nicks and scuffs on the neck and some pick/strum surface wear, but otherwise very clean.

Rosewood fretboard w/brass frets (polished) and faux MOP dots.

Soundhole with simple rosette. Action is perfect.

Rosewood bridge, all good.

Headstock with 1960s-style Harmony logo.

Note the nice color and grain to the mahogany.


Original cream tuners.



Tuners again.

Good neck join.


Note the cool tortoise binding. Always loved that feature on these guys.

End join.

And the original case!


J-Hob said…
Nice uke! It has a real quiet beauty to it, just really nicely made with quality materials. I'll do you a swap for my mahalo baritone, ha ha! The mahalo baritone is actually a really nice instrument, I shouldn't do it down.
Tehe... no, for the price, Mahalos definitely aren't bad. This uke is nice though... I too like the no-frills ethic about it. Doesn't distract you while you're playing. :)
Unknown said…
You've done such a beautiful job in the restoration of the baritone uke...and great photo's.

I have an identical instrument. How do you clean it up like that?
Randy said…
yours appears to be the same one I just inherited...any idea what it is worth? just curious.