c.1880s? Ornate 4/4 Violin

No labels, but definitely a cool violin. This is a 4/4 size and it appears to be more-or-less original, save the newer (1920s? 1930s?) chin rest and fine tuner. It's got a loud, direct voice, perfect for a bluegrass or old-time fiddler wanting to cut through the crowd.

Fancy-ish appointments include rope-style binding around the edges on top and back, and purfling as well. The wood is typical nice spruce on the top and nice flamed maple on the back, sides, and neck. The fingerboard appears to be "ebonized" maple.

Peghead. Note small holes on the side of the pegbox: this used to have right-angle geared plate-style tuners installed. They were popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s and (from my point of view) seem to have become a victim of tradition (wood pegs) over common sense (14 or 18 to 1 ratio, meaning easier tuning and no need for fine tuners).

The finish on the top is quite "played in" and shows a lot of love.



Note the "rope" edging.



Pearl-inlaid two-piece back. Nice!


Neck heel.


This violin came with a nice vintage (1920s-style) case and a good-quality, engraved-pearl bow.


Anonymous said…
Interesting, I have a similarly embellished violin, made 1885 by a John Cameron, either dutch/Romanian.
Anonymous said…
Also have a a violin here with the exact same symbol, but slightly non symmetrical and battered