c.1900 Bay State Bowlback Mandolin

Another mandolin! This is a turn-of-the-century (or late 1800s, for sure) Bay State mandolin sold by J. Haynes out of Boston (if my memory serves). It's all-original, except for a couple of tuner shafts and my replacement bone nut and bone bridge. Nice tortoise pickguard, too, despite its age-cracking.

I repaired a number of bowl separations and did my usual sprucing up and full setup. Plays like a dream, now, and has a complex, loud, and very pretty voice. Easily a good choice for a mandolin orchestra or classical session.

Ivoroid tuner buttons. The fretboard is rosewood, the bowl is rosewood and maple, and the top is spruce.

MOP dots with a greenish tint. This mando has bar frets, too, just like old Martins or Vegas.

Nice, simple, rosette.

Here's my new bone bridge straddling the bend in the soundboard.

Side view.

Detail -- nice contrast.

Back. This mandolin is also quite lightweight, and the bowl isn't reinforced by any canvas or paper lining. It has a few cross-strips inside, however.

Headstock rear -- note the "Bay State" stamp up top.

Good, strong heel join.



Tailpiece is definitely not original, as there are two sets of holes.