c.1971 E.R. Pfretzschner 3/4 Violin

The last several violins through the shop all sold without a chance for me to take some photos, so as a determined blogger, I snapped these shots of this nice Pfretzschner 3/4 violin before its fate became the same. For starters, this has some serious body sensitivity and pickup -- playing low notes and multiple strings was jarring my teeth through the chin rest! Yes, good, strong tone, without a doubt!

These violins were made in W. Germany and imported to the US. This one came along with a good case and decent Glasser bow. As far as I can tell it's all-original save one replaced tuner peg, and a couple of newer fine tuners which I removed and stashed in the case.

It's seen a lot of wear as it was most likely used by kids learning in school programs. Nevertheless, solid build has kept this fiddle in good shape structurally except for a bit of "lower bout" rim missing on the top. I had to reset the neck and set the soundpost, but that's pretty common on any older violin.

Good quality materials throughout -- very tight-grained spruce top with nicely flamed maple back and sides -- and good workmanship.


Back detail.

Nice flame.

Peg box.

Manufacturer's label, 1971.

And apparently setup in 1973.


Snaggle Tooth said…
Hi there, found you on the list from blogger "songwriting" tag. Sucked in by the lute pic!
You rememind me here I need to play my strat copy violin more often! Don't know the year. Inherited from a closet in long island 1985. Cost almost $300 to fix. Wish I had bow-re-string bux now. Bet you love your job!

This is a drool site for me...
I do certainly love my job. :)

Sometimes it's overwhelming but it's always interesting and I definitely get a lot of satisfaction out of it!

And speaking of violins: they're certainly an easy way to sink a lot of cash! Just finding decent strings is a pretty good out-of-pocket expense.
Anonymous said…
Hi - I just found my grandfather's Pfretzchner violin and I'm a little confused on what's written inside the body on when this was made. My grandfather was born 1910 and was playing the violin since his teens. The confusion on the dates is throwing me off as to the year the violin was made.

There is one that says Roth shop adjusted; Reg#6H4710; Date 6/66.

The other says ER Pfretzschner 1905 or can it 1965?

You advice will be most appreciated. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Dear anonymous :P, It may be a little late but for your Pfretzchner date question, if it is written "made in west germany" on the label, it has to be made after the WW2 so 1905 is impossible.