c.1925 Stella by Oscar Schmidt Tenor Guitar

Yowza! Here's something I see so very rarely that it must be a sign... to keep it... no! Cannot! Must not! Ok. This is a really fun Stella tenor guitar, c. mid-1920s, and it sounds great, plays perfectly, and is quite punchy and vibrant. It's entirely original, except for a new bone saddle (the old one is stashed in its original, fitted faux-alligator case), and is, well... in stunning shape. I've repaired one hairline crack next to the fretboard extension, and there are places along the back edge where the side has edged away from the back (though they're glued), but otherwise... in closet classic condition.

Cool stamped and painted Stella logo as well as original Grover Champion pegs.

Super celluloid fretboard with original frets!

Top is bound in celluloid and inlaid with multicolored marquetry all along its edge, as well as the soundhole. Check out the cool celluloid "bat wing" pickguard. Original, too!


Original rosewood bridge, small stable hairline crack on it, with original MOP-inlaid bridge pins! Those are always missing! New bone saddle gives it some more zing.

Headstock again.

Side. Now, I'm not sure what wood the top is. It has the look of spruce in the straightness of its grain and the way the finish grain follows it straight up and down, yet it has a sort of look of birch to the top as well. I'm really not sure at all... I'll have to get my mirror out and check underneath... but either way, the wood is entirely solid.






Pegs work nicely.

Celluloid heel cap, too!

Back... the stripe is simply a decal.

Original MOP-inlaid end pin, too.


cardboardfrog said…
do you have this to sell?
and if so how much would she be going for?
I do indeed, and I'm asking $550 for it. It includes the original fitted "Keratol" case... very cool.
Anonymous said…
I just wanted to say that I am a frequent visitor to your site and love seeing the restorations you do. I don't know if I'll ever be in the market to buy your work, but I wanted you to know that the work is appreciated and that I certainly have you in mind if I'm looking for a vintage instrument or for getting some work done on one.
HumbleUker said…
Thanks for sharing your beauties. I have been thinking I may try a small parlour guitar someday. What have you tuned this tenor guitar to?
Dakota said…
I know this is an older post, but I'm just curious if this is still avavilable? My dad just lost his Martin acoustic in a house fire and I'm researching replacements. He had a Stella when I was little, and has mentioned that he's been thinking about a 3/4 guitar to replace the one that burned. This is so beautiful! A truly kind soul just gave him an Oscar Shmidt tenor acoustic and I think he's going to love it...I'm thinking forward to a meaningful Christmas present with this one.