NEW ALBUM! Post #200

I've just finished uploading a new album (a shortie 35 minute one) to my website and you can download it for free right away and have a listen. There's a streaming option, track-by-track download option, and also a zip off all the mp3 tracks download option. Lots of options!

The idea behind this album is that all the songs are written from the "historical perspective" of humans wrecking Venus in the same manner that we're wrecking Earth right now -- and then after making their mess, rocketing off to... here.

I'd like to note right now that the main instruments used on this were uke, bass, tiple, and Hawaiian lap steel... though you might not think it as they were all plugged in and muddled up in various ways.

Hope you enjoy this slice of sci-fi! You can get to the download page by clicking here.


Anonymous said…
Great stuff so far! I listened to the first 4 tracks and really like it. I love the sound of the instruments and the perspective the songs are written from is interesting/kinda weird! I will have to listen to the rest after Christmas though.
Thanks for the free album.
Hi Tamster: Thanks, and no problem, in that order. :)
Bill said…
Digging it! Very nice work Jake.