c.1920 Mele Flamed Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

Update 2013: I've updated this entry with new info and pics.

This is a nice old Mele-branded uke made by Harmony in the teens/early 20s. It's made entirely out of figured/flamey mahogany and sure looks grand. I worked on this a while back, had it back in the shop, traded it out, and it's traded back in. We musician folk love to trade stuff around, I guess!

That said, it sounds sweet, warm, and excellent for that old-timey 20s recordings sound. It fingerpicks and strums well and feels good in the paws, too. I can't remember what all I've done to this but in recent memory I leveled/dressed the frets and cleated up a small hairline crack to the treble side of the bridge. I know I did more when I first worked on it but can't recall it all, now.

Beautiful flamed 'hog all over, eh?

Typical teens/20s Harmony "rounded shield" headstock top.

Right... the inlay! There's this zipper wood inlay down the neck's top, there's rope binding on the top and back edges, and a rope rosette at the soundhole. It's snazzy!

It's really, really hard to see in the photos but the back has a bunch of figure, too.

The original black bakelite pegs are still going strong. Just tighten the set screw if they slip...


Josh said…
You're publishing porn again, you understand. At least, this one sure stirs up my deepest lusts.
J-Hob said…
That's a beauty!
Brahaha. Everyone loves the slim, dirty blonde, nicely figured ukeys...

I should start charging admission!!!
Steve said…
Hey Jake, I'm interested in purchasing it, if it's still for sale. I think it'll go well with the Harmony Parlor guitar I just bought from you. Steve-n-Jody