Lots of emails!

For those of you sorely sad you missed out on that Mele flamed koa uke (and I know there were a lot of you from the stacks of emails in my inbox) -- I just wanted to let you know that this uke -- a 1920s Regal -- from my personal collection, is soon going up on the 'bay. It's super loud -- I used it in a musical, entirely acoustically, and it paced a resonator Vega tenor banjo when strummed with a felt pick. It also sounds great, and is entirely made from flamed Hawaiian koa. And it has that sweet multicolored inlaid marquetry Regal-style decorative touch, too.

Yessir, it's a beaut.

...and why am I parting with it? Too many instruments! It's not like I want to part with it!!!


Anonymous said…
So,in general, outside of your store, do you only sell through ebay?
Or... if someone is looking for something in particular or e-mails/calls/etc. about an instrument they see or hear about, and I have it, I can tell them about it, and then do a transaction through PayPal, check, etc. Or... sometimes I pop up things on CraigsList... or... sometimes word of mouth stretches beyond the border of our state... it's peculiar how many folks come "out of the woods" when they smell old guitar or ukulele...!!

But: I do intend -this year- to actually get a website going and try to begin to sell strictly from that and in the store.

What I like about eBay is that it's democratic in that whoever wants it the most gets it and the other 5 to 30+ folks interested can fight over it without my getting personally involved. :)

Many's the time someone thought "their instrument" (information disclosed to their own brains only) would be on the rack awaiting their return in 4 weeks when in fact it had sold within hours (or days) of their departure.

What I don't like about eBay are the fees, fees, fees again, and flea market pricing inquiries. If I'm selling a guitar worth $800-1000 in a typical music store -- unrepaired -- and mine's restored and I'm asking $500 -- it drives me nuts when a fellow pops out an email: "I'll offer you $350 right now if you include shipping and a case..." -- hello? I don't get these things free!

Hope that helps. :D

Anonymous said…
ok thanks. I just wanted to make sure.
Some instruments you post about go very quickly!
And yes, some people expect to get everything cheap. They don't seem to realize the cost and work put into it.