Some new posts are below, if you've been patiently waiting for me to take photos...! I also have some more instruments coming up in the next few days/weeks. Here's the list so far:

c.1920 Oscar Schmidt "Victoria" flatback mandolin, c.1930 Regal tiple spruce & mahogany, c. 1955 Kay tenor guitar spruce & mahogany, c.1920 Mele ukulele w/flamed koa, c.1920 fancy inline-rim style banjo uke with lots of inlaid marquetry, c.1900 fancy American Conservatory (by L&H) bowlback mandolin w/rosewood bowl, c.1920 SoCal MusicCo koa soprano uke, c.1935 "Radio Tone" by Regal flat-top (but archtop style round hole) guitar spruce & mahogany.

Also, I'll have a customer's higher-end Regal tenor guitar all gussied up and ready to go, and another customer's early 80s Daion double-neck acoustic guitar.