c.1925 Regal-made "SS Stewart" Soprano Ukulele

Update 2013: This was recently traded back to me when its owner decided to upgrade to a fancier uke. The only differences between what's in the post here and how it looks now is that there's strum-wear right below the 12th fret and an endpin strap-hanger was installed at the usual endpin area (lower bout side center).

Really great uke! The finish has alligatored all over it, but it was definitely pretty flashy when hanging up in some music store in the 20s... it's got curly/flamed solid mahogany throughout, nice light bracing, is crack-free save a tiny (old repair job) at the heel, and to top it off has a Martin-style rosewood fretboard with inlaid tiny dots. It's also all-original save the new tuner pegs and vintage (from my parts bin) bone nut.

It's bound on the top in black celluloid and also around the soundhole.

The label on the headstock says "-- Music Shop --" -- evidently where it was sold.

Nice Martin-style dots.

Original bridge. Alligatored finish gives it a well-worn, great vintage look.

Here you can see the curl/flame in the mahogany just a bit.

This uke is definitely a Regal-made model -- body shape, headstock, neck style, build, etc. conforms to a bunch of others I've worked on (and owned).