c.1970s? Anton Schroetter 1/2 Size Cello

No idea what year this 1/2 size cello was made, but it is labeled as a German-made "Anton Schroetter Master Art Copy" out of Mittenwald, inside. This is a laminate instrument, but regardless after setup, a new tailpiece and bridge, and new perlon-core strings... it's quite loud and mellow. I like. It also looks pretty classy, too, with a thin and nicely worn-in finish. It's not quite as rosy as the pictures show here -- more of a darker and subtler color.

Ebony fingerboard, laminated spruce top, laminated flamed maple back and sides. The neck is solid flamed maple, however.

Original pegs are in good shape. Ebony nut, too, though I may adjust the nut's action down a hair tomorrow.

Picked up a metal tailpiece with 4 fine tuners to make life a little easier. Also, half-size tailpieces are not as easy to locate... and this one was.

Good looking purfling.

Sure is a pretty instrument.

I've heard some folks using these 1/2-size cellos as octave violins, using the GD & A strings of a cello set and then a plain steel E string, an octave below violin pitch. Sounds neat to me! But I sure love that warm low C.

Good flame on the back, too... a little hard to see in this light but it's all over.

And a functional rest, too.


Anonymous said…

Can you post a picture of the 1/2 size cello sitting next to a guitar or a ukulele so we can get a better idea of the size of the cello?