c.1947 Harmony H996 Monterey Archtop Guitar

Date stamp places this build at Fall 1947, while the model stamp is H996, a Harmony "Monterey" model with solid spruce top and solid maple back and sides. Fretboard and bridge are rosewood and the bridge is adjustable. Bound top, back, and fretboard in cream celluloid.

The short of it? This has one of those fast just-post-war Harmony necks, with just a slight bit of relief, is super lightweight, sports maple back and sides, good volume, projection, and a balanced warmer-than-expected tone and good sustain.

I like it!

Body shape is slightly wider and rounder in the upper bout than older 30s Harmony archtops which gives it more of a jumbo or dreadnought feel in the lap, but quite comfortable and easy to handle.

Everything on the guitar is original to it, but it's missing its end-pin. Tuners work just fine. Bone nut.

MOP dots in the board and side-dots on the neck binding.

Finish has age and weather crackle but still gleams and looks great.

Good adjustable bridge.

I glued up this tight hairline crack caused by the pickguard mounting screw. Pickguard is missing.

Good tight heel.

Sunburst is all over and looks great.


Unknown said…
How much is it worth because I've got one too exactly the same am I want to know what I've got