c.1975 Global Strat Copy Electric Guitar

This is one of the nicest-sounding and playing Stratocaster knock-offs I've had my hands on in a while... tone is super, clean, sparkling, etc. -- just what you're looking for. -- and 100x better than a modern-day Squier knock-off It's got a 50s-style 3-way pickup selector, a funky top-load, 3-barrel brass-saddle tailpiece that's nicely grungy, replacement sealed tuners, and a one-piece maple neck with black dots. Add in the fun three-tone sunburst that's curiously close to the edges, and a lightweight solid (rather than lam) body... and you've got a pretty good sleeper.

A little searching brought up references to these being sold through the Sears catalog in the mid/late 1970s, and that's about the "tech level" that I'd place this fella at. It looks about that era. These were either built in Japan or Korea.

Typical Strat-ish setup -- three single coils, two tone, one volume, top-load jack.

With big CBS style headstock.

Gotta love the grungy bridge with the home-remedy style adjuster screws.

Hardware has aged nicely.

Replacement Schaller tuners.

Basically plays and sounds like an old 70s Fender... but lighter in weight and a little "older" feel in terms of no whammy bar and no 5-way switch.


Anonymous said…
how much are you selling that guitar for?
Anonymous said…
Nice guitar but you're missing a few pieces
Anonymous said…
Not a single piece neck, no skunk stripe.
Hi ... I have the same guitar (except mine has a natural Sen = Japanese Ash body) Mine is badged as a Hondo II and was made in Japan as far as I can make out by Matsumoku sometime in the mid to late 70's although Hondo used several different contractors so I can't pin down 100% who made our guitars. The bridge on mine is identical to yours, and believe it or not those adjustment screws are original! When new it had a chrome cover so those big slot heads couldn't be seen. Some of these guitars were fitted with DiMarzio pickups (mine is) so that's worth checking out as well.