c.1925 Mahogany Flatback Mandolin

Update 2014: Going through old posts... I had suggested this as a Regal build. Maybe! But I think perhaps Harmony is a little closer to the mark... and failing that, check out the heel shape the reeks of Oscar Schmidt cut. I wish I had this back to inspect!

What a gorgeous A-style mando! All solid mahogany back, sides, neck, and top, with rosewood board/bridge and bone nut/saddle. It's extremely lightweight, rings like a bell (with sweet and focused low end and mellow but clear high end), and has oodles of sustain (when desired).

It's a good quality instrument and every bit as nice as a period Martin A-style build... fit and finish are great with nicely shaped braces and a good thin top plate.

And, like I said, feather light!

Body is bound in black celluloid on top, back, and soundhole, all with three line cream/black/cream purfling which sets off the golden-brown mahogany top and back very nicely. Add an inlaid fancy tortoise-celluloid pickguard and you've got STYLE.

Rosewood headstock veneer, bone nut, bound fretboard. Everything is original on this mando save that it's missing its tailpiece cover which probably would have been one of those clamshell style shapes.

MOP dots on the board.

When I got this mando it needed a cleaning, light fret dress, and a tight hairline crack repair on the top, as well as a setup -- all of which have been done. It's a breeze to play.

Just a purty thing! Can you tell I like it?

Aside from the top hairline, the mandolin is otherwise entirely crack free.

Good heel join, rosewood cap, and three-piece neck for strength.

A winner!