Clippings: 1903 Waldo Mandolin Family

I've been browsing the scanned-in catalog of the Music Trade Review magazines off and on for a while now (as well as browsing other various vintage inst. archived publications online), and just lately it hit upon me that you folks might be interested in the same sort of bizarre stuff that I'm interested. Well -- obviously!

I'm going to try to post one of these "clippings" from the MTR archives once or twice a week for your enjoyment. There's some peculiar stuff going on in there and lots of interesting history to absorb (with a grain of salt) for the vintage instrument buff.

So, at any rate, the above picture (click on it to make it readable) is a 1903 article on the f-hole-ed "Waldo" bowlback mandolins that pop up once in a while on eBay and at flea markets, often in somewhat sad shape, almost always peculiar, and mostly of pretty good quality. I always liked the look, but I've never seen the mandocello sized waldo.

Hot dog!


Anonymous said…
Very cool idea, Jake. Thanks for sharing.