c.1900 German Guarnerius-style 4/4 Violin

Here's a gorgeous German import violin, with "G.S.B." case, probably around c.1900, judging by the hardware style. It has fantastic fine-grain flamed maple for the neck and a nice two-piece well-flamed back. No cracks, what looks like mostly original hardware, and nice "patina" to the original finish. This has a sweet, rich, deep tone minus those dry or squealy highs associated with Strad-copies... which makes sense as this is a Guarnerius-style copy.

Rosewood pegs and also a rosewood end pin. Ebony fingerboard, nut, saddle. Strings are new perlon-core medium tensions.

What looks like an original bridge, and well-fit "right out of the box." Note 1900s-style fine tuner.

Really pretty flame on the neck.

And of course lovely flame and color to the finish on the back.

Has a shoulder-rest and chin-rest all in one. The shoulder-rest is detachable so the violin pops in the case comfortably. Note the wire tailgut -- I was going to replace this as I had a new nylon tailgut in the parts bin, but when I tuned it up, the nylon shot right off! Apparently the threaded ends weren't manufactured correctly and the nuts were slipping. Sigh. So it awaits some new tailgut at the moment...

Looks purty with it's case, huh?

Did I mention that this violin is quite LOUD?