Low-tuned 12 String

Just wanted to let you all know -- more is coming -- but as an aside, I decided to low-tune my old Martin 12-fret 12 stringer today down to a baritone ADGCEA tuning.

I simply used the E-B of a regular 12 set, added heavier strings for the low A (36w and 62w), and used a thin 008 plain to also octave the high A. It's really cool -- every course is octave-strung so the instrument goes from the A string of a bass to the high A (above guitar high E) of a tenor banjo.

My Martin sports the smaller 24.9 scale, so I totally don't suggest this on long scale instruments (the high A would snap) but if you're looking for a nice low accompaniment instrument for singing solo or bulking up a duo or trio's bottom end... this is really nice... though a jumbo-sized body helps.