c.1950 Emenee-made Flamingo Plastic Ukulele

This 1950s Flamingo plastic uke was kindly "donated" by good-fella Scott Sween and, when not in service living on our canoe or picnic blanket, will find its way to our (eventual) "Mini Vermont Uke Museum" that Bonnie and I plan to show off in the store at some point in the future.

This uke was made by Emenee and, of course, as many other sites will attest -- is the competitor to the Islander series of plastic ukes.

Both brands play and sound pretty darn good for plastic once they've been setup at the nut and saddle and of course hold up great in adverse conditions (water, weather). Plastic ukes tend to have a sort of airy, chord-friendly tone, which makes them great camping companions.

Cute headstock decoration.

I like the fret markers, too!

This one has that "bowling ball" look to it. It also has a thin, longish crack on the back that fortunately isn't too visible.

The tuners on this one are thankfully adjustable.


Rich rrstoys said…
Hello Antebellum Instruments: I sold this Ukulele to Scott and he told me he was going to donate it to you. In case you are interested in a little history on it - Miss Tillie in Springfiled VA, who is now 83, gave it to me about 15 years ago. She still lives in her childhood home and said it was her little brother's. Nice to see it will be cared for. So now you have it and know a little about where it came from. All the best, Rich from ebay seller RRSToys.