Early Summer Serenade

Well, sirs and madams, yes it's full on late Spring and feels more like summer with hot, humid, 80-90 degree crud hanging over our valley. Naturally, of course, the wildflowers are blooming like crazy so I've been able to pick some nice stuff for the store.

Oona's Grandmamamoogi was up this weekend and yesterday we spent the morning "on the beach" down at the river across the street from us. Note all the wreckage left over from "tropical storm" Irene down on the bank.

Yep, flowers sure do liven up a place. Those are long buttercups to the left and really full flox to the right.

So -- where are the instruments? Later today I'll have gorgeous pics of a gorgeous Lange-made (for Sears) 5-string banjo with nice "medium grade" pearl inlays and a good cherry neck. Then, as the work week progresses, I'll have various "parlor" guitars (for customers) and other miscellaneous instruments to show.