Ephemera: Self-Instructors (c.1920-1962)

I have a few of these old self-instructor booklets hanging around so I figured I'd share. The above uke one is from the 1920s. All of these booklets, of course, are published by William J. Smith, which was a huge music publishing as well as retail music house.

 This guitar instructor dates from 1937.

The pictured guitar is actually a fancy mid-30s Regal archtop patterned on the Martin-made roundhole archtops of the time.

This mandolin booklet has a 1959 date but the instructor itself probably dates to the early 1930s or so, considering the mandolins shown in it -- the cover has a Stradolin-made model from the 1930s and...

 ...the interior shows a nice early 1930s Martin.

This guitar booklet dates to 1962 but is obviously just a reissue of an earlier type, considering...

 ...these 1950s-looking guitars...

...and these 1930s/40s-looking graphics.