Ephemera: Couch-Banjo-Cuddle (c.1938)

Definitely click this one to see it a little larger. Cute couple!

Anyhow, please don't mind me if there aren't as many posts this week as normal. Business as usual should return next week and I've got a lot of fun stuff on the way.

Repair time has been seriously cut down this week since I've been hunting a new vehicle and there are many shows and events going on! Speaking of which...

TOMORROW, FRIDAY - Come see our 3-piece band (The Baba Yagas) at The Wild Fern in Stockbridge, VT at 7pm -- free! We've been playing there weekly lately.

SATURDAY NIGHT - This will be our 2nd open mic/concert series show AT THE SHOP at 7pm with the open mic and 8pm with the feature performers. This month it'll be THE VERMONT UKULELE SOCIETY! -- and they're a great bunch! It's also free so come and listen and/or perform at the open mic! Refreshments & snacks are served. Check the concerts page link above for further info.